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The Kosher River Cruise Luxury Experience

All inclusive 5* luxury cruises (entire boat kosher) includes all tours, open bar, fabulous entertainment, lecture programs, special guests, airport transfers, modern kosher cuisine, plus so much more!

Kosher River Cruises combines the luxury and ease of riverboat cruising with exciting and educational land touring and delicious Glatt kosher cuisine. Whether you are interested in discovering Jewish history and heritage along Europe’s waterways or just looking to sit back and relax from the comfort of your floating hotel just watching the scenery pass you by; then this is the tour for you!

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Custom Dates Available

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Featured Kosher Recipes

Get the best kosher recipes every week from our Master Chef Malcolm Green

Stuffed Monkeys

Stuffed Monkeys

Carrying on with our Netherlands theme. Stuffed Monkeys were introduced into the UK by a Dutch baker in London. However, these delicacies were predominantly made in northern England. I was first introduced to them in the early 1970’s. After shul on a winter’s Friday...

Dutch Jewish Ginger Buns Gemberbolus

Dutch Jewish Ginger Buns Gemberbolus

Continuing our Dutch treat for our August Kosher River Cruises Netherlands cruise. Certainly not an easy recipe, but if you do it, you will certainly enjoy it. Genieten. Ingredients 500 g plain flour 5 g salt 7 g active yeast 320 g milk 30 g water 20 g brown sugar 20...

Appeltaart (Dutch Apple Tart)

Appeltaart (Dutch Apple Tart)

Our next cruise (August 2023) commences in Amsterdam. So this weeks recipe is as simple as apple Pie. Probably the most popular dessert around. This one is apple Tart with It's Dutch name to put you in the mood. Appeltaart (Dutch Apple Tart) Ingredients Pastry Dough:...

This Week in Jewish History

Community and Synagogues of Mexico City

Community and Synagogues of Mexico City

  Mexico City is home to a remarkable community of Jews as well as a fascinating history. Today, it still stands as an ideal location for a lot of Jewish travelers and tourists since the jewish community in Mexico City is still active and thriving. Different...

The Genetic History of Ashkenazi Jews

The Genetic History of Ashkenazi Jews

Ashkenazi Jews are known to have a unique genetic history that distinguishes them from non-Jews. By understanding how Ashkenazi Jews evolved over time, it may be possible to incorporate those findings into their own genetic make-up and culture as well. In this...

The Diaspora in Italy

The Diaspora in Italy

  In continuation with the discussion of the Jewish encounter with Rome, we will look into the diaspora of Jews in Italy. Way before the period of the great Roman-Jewish war, Jews have already existed in the Roman Empire, especially in Rome and Sicily. Looking at...


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“BEYOND our expectations”

“We could not believe what we were served. Chef Malcom is a GENIUS!!! Please tell the directors that we do not have words to express how pleased we were. I suppose that we will be recommending you to every friend we know.”

Jose T,  Miami FL, Rhone River Cruise 2019

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“I have been totally spoiled for future vacations. Riverboat is the way to go. I’ve met such nice people, staff was great, food fantastic. A really well run and well thought out trip”

Harriet S

“Another successful experience”

“Our experience was unique in that we were able to tour a lot of territory and a variety of places with minimal inconvenience. The fact that our boat was always with us and there were no long bus rides or waits made this mode of travel extremely enjoyable.”

Micheol R


“It was important that the Kosher River Cruise director was always with us and was ready and willing to make adjustments along the way to keep everything moving smoothly. I would highly recommend Kosher River Cruises and this river cruise as an exceptional vacation experience.” “

Elaine R

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