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The Kosher River Cruise Luxury Experience

The Only All-Kosher Jewish Cruise

Kosher River Cruises is the only kosher tour operator that charters entire ships for each of its cruise vacations. Unlike other kosher Jewish cruise programs that take place on larger ships—where 50 + kosher passengers share a vessel with thousands of other guests—Kosher River Cruise tours host a maximum of 50 (expeditions vessels) to 140 (established waterways) guests on a 5-Star luxury vessel reserved just for us.

Having our very own ship creates a unique sense of community as we travel together with like-minded individuals, creating special connections with fellow passengers. Shabbat onboard becomes a special and memorable experience, bringing us all together for a magical event with friends, old and new.

The Perfect Luxury Vacation

After more than 30 years of operating kosher land tours and the very first to begin operating large cruise programs, we have created the perfect luxury vacation. We achieve and maintain the highest standards of luxury, education and quality. No more sitting in a large hotel, moving from point to point, packing and unpacking, and going from restaurant to restaurant with an ever-changing level of quality. Now you will wake each morning, eager to explore a new city or town filled with history and heritage.

Imagine yourself watching the river from your balcony, taking you to new places, revealing charming landscapes and unforgettable places. Meanwhile, you can sit back in total relaxation. The elegant comforts and personal service aboard your Kosher River Cruise create an oasis of inspiration and calm. Experience wonderful, relaxing, luxurious world travel with the sheer ease of river transport.

All-Inclusive Luxury

Kosher River Cruises includes it all. Unlike many large cruise programs with numerous add-on costs for excursions, amenities, activities, drinks and Internet, we include everything on a Kosher River Cruise. From the minute you arrive to the minute you depart the ship, we will take care of you. All of our cruises include our own specially developed shore excursions, exploring both Jewish and secular sites, open bar or drink credit, Internet, educational programming and lectures, special guests and entertainment. Every ship is a luxury 5-star vessel complete with high-end amenities and accommodations, as well as exceptional service from your Kosher River Cruise management team.

Exceptional Service

The Kosher River Cruise team accompanies each cruise to ensure every detail is perfect. Our team is made up of only the highest quality guides, educators, rabbinic and cruise directors, including our seasoned kitchen team led by master kosher chef Malcom Green, who creates delicious kosher cuisine with modifications made for most specialty diets.

Fabulous Kosher Cuisine

Unlike typical land tours, which travel from point to point with a caterer tagging along or tours that provide cold kosher items from the standard hotel breakfast buffet, we bring to you an exceptional Culinary Event.

We are able to maintain the highest quality and luxury standard of cuisine. Master Kosher Chef Malcolm Green leads our cooking team to create an unforgettable dining experience. We have taken fine dining that symbolizes riverboat cruising and combined it with expert kosher chefs to create the perfect kosher cruise.


Our Rav Ha Machshir, Rabbi Yizchak A. Fischer and his team, ensure the highest standards of kashrut. All meat products are glatt, all dairy is Cholov Yisroel, and all breads and cakes are Pas Yisroel. Products and dry stores come from supervised sources in Europe and Israel (outside of our European destinations, our product may be sourced from additional suppliers always under the highest level of rabbinical supervision).





Non-Stop Education, Activities and Adventure – All Included

From morning until night, we have every moment programed. We offer unique land excursions, fabulous entertainment, and informative education lectures from world-class historians, speakers and special guests. Our cruises have something for everyone.

  • Land tours:  Every cruise includes our famous land tours.  Kosher River Cruises has spent years preparing and perfecting each destination we travel, searching for hidden and off-the-beaten-path places, points of interest and peoples (Jewish communities) not found in any guide book or on standard tours.
    • Unlike any other tour or cruise program, we combine both Jewish (where available) and secular sites.Not only do we explore each region’s Jewish history and heritage, but we immerse ourselves in it. Over the years in Jewish travel, we have cultivated our access to local Jewish communities and their leaders along the rivers we travel. This provides our guests with unique insight and a connection to fellow Jews across the globe, making for a memorable and once-in-a-life-time travel experience.
  • Moving Experiences: We develop our programs—not just as a tour vacation, but also as a life-affirming experience. From emotional ceremonies with Jewish war veterans on Omaha Beach, paying tribute to the fallen Jewish heroes of D-Day and WWII on Frances Seine River, to a tribute to the great Simon Wiesenthal with the leaders of the Wiesenthal Center at Mauthausen along the Danube, to visiting schools and interacting with the children of Cambodia and Vietnam along the Mekong River in our powerful and meaningful tikun olam programming, we guarantee a travel experience like no other that will create memories to last a lifetime. 
  • Education:  Our education program takes place both on and off the boat. Our special guests, speakers and guides on each cruise offer guests an in-depth, unique, and entertaining insight into the history and heritage of the places we explore.  Instead of just a quick tour or brief overview found on other tours and cruise programs, our mission is to supply our guests with the opportunity to create a connection and true understanding of each destination we explore.
  • Activities & Entertainment:  From bus and walking tours to bike rides, hikes, shopping, cooking classes, symphonies, comedies, sing-a-longs, and religious programming, which are all included, our programming is consistently filled with variety and options.

A Typical Day aboard a Kosher River Cruise:

6:00: Coffee service begins in the lounge

7:30: Shaarit (on-board shul)

8:00: Breakfast

9:30: Morning tour program

12:30: Lunch

13:45: Mincha

14:00: Afternoon tour program

16:30: Tea time in the lounge/free time to explore the port of call/ lecture program

19:00: Dinner

20:30: Maariv

20:45: Lecture program

21:30: Evening Entertainment

22:30: Evening snack

Creating A Jewish Community

Providing an entire ship just for our guests results in a truly unique travel experience.  Almost instantaneously, we become a community of like-minded Jewish individuals on a journey of exploration, discovery and growth.  From meaningful religious and Shabbat programming to onboard entertainment, delicious kosher meals and relaxation time with old and new friends, guests can experience what Kosher River Cruises are all about.

Experience: More than 30 years in the Kosher Travel & Cruise Business

When you choose Kosher River Cruises, you choose the most established kosher tour operator with more than 30 years’ experience. We develop and run each program using only our in-house staff of travel experts, mangers and catering team.  We do not sell or buy other company’s products.  As a fully established tour operator, we comply with the highest level of certification as a fully licensed, insured and bonded U.S. tour operator, so your well-being and investment is always protected. 

Numerous kosher tour programs are run by caterers, travel agents or non-licensed individuals—many of whom do not have the experience, expertise or certification to run such operations or to handle the issues that may occur.  When you choose a Kosher River Cruise, you choose an established tour company with offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dublin, Prague and Israel that have the expertise and foundation to provide guests with piece of mind, as well as an amazing travel experience!


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“Outstanding experience in a wonderful religious environment viewing centuries of Jewish history”

Max B 

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“I have been totally spoiled for future vacations. Riverboat is the way to go. I’ve met such nice people, staff was great, food fantastic. A really well run and well thought out trip”

Harriet S

“Another successful experience”

“Our experience was unique in that we were able to tour a lot of territory and a variety of places with minimal inconvenience. The fact that our boat was always with us and there were no long bus rides or waits made this mode of travel extremely enjoyable.”

Micheol R


“It was important that the Kosher River Cruise director was always with us and was ready and willing to make adjustments along the way to keep everything moving smoothly. I would highly recommend Kosher River Cruises and this river cruise as an exceptional vacation experience.” “

Elaine R

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