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At Kosher River Cruises our Chefs have created delicious Glatt Kosher menu options for the pleasure of all our guests.

Firstly, we bring on all the meat and milk tableware, plates, cutlery etc.; chafing and display dishes; even our own carving stations.

All our meat and poultry items are glatt kosher, our dairy products are Cholov Yisroel and any baked products are Pas Yisroel.

A team of three mashgichim headed by Rabbi Fischer are constantly supervising the galley.

We start your day with early coffee followed by an extensive breakfast buffet featuring all the usual favourites plus an omelette station. Within this breakfast we have vegan items including egg substitute, please see links below for full details.

On most days our lunches are milky and parev (vegetarian and vegan).

Lunch is served buffet style consisting of a prepared salad bar and sliced salad bar and sliced fresh fruit, two starters, two soups and five entrees, vegetable selection and four desserts.

Here is a small selection of what we offer at lunch.

Soups: Carrot and coriander, cream of mushroom, crème dubarry, farmhouse, French onion, zucchini and ricotta cheese, pumpkin apricot and ginger, tomato and basil, vichyssoise.

Entrees: Roast slashed fillet of sea bass, vegetable couscous, blackened tilapia, mushroom and nut crumble, fried haddock, vegetable burgers, trout almandine, shepherdess pie, sole mornay, assorted quiches, salmon en croute, vegetarian moussaka.

Desserts: Apple crumble, banoffee pie, chocolate brownie, white chocolate cheesecake, crème brulee, knickerbocker glory, linzertorte, tiramisu, vacherin aux marron, sacher torte, dairy ice cream.

Dinner is also served buffet style to, once again, give our guests the largest selection.

We start the evening meal with the prepared salad bar with the sliced salad and fresh sliced fruit bar, two starters, two soup one of which is always vegan, live pasta station, three meat entrees one of which is served from the carving station, one fish entrée and one or two vegan options. Vegetable selection and four desserts.

Soups: Oxtail, chicken soup with kreplach, hot chilli butternut squash, roasted parsnip and ginger, krupnick, roasted eggplant.

Entrees: Roast Top Rib, London Broil, Rack of Lamb, Roast Veal, Roast Lamb, Veal Cutlets, Lamb Koftas, Chicken Chasseur, Veal Schnitzel, Chicken Cacciatori, Roast Poussin, Pot Roast, Salt Beef (Pastrami), Tongue in caper sauce, Chicken Tagine.

Amongst the vegan offering we have, tofu oriental, black bean burgers, seitan curry, vegan tacos

Desserts: Apple strudel, cherries jubilee, date pudding cake, apple crumble, lemon meringue pie, pecan pie, parev ice cream

Special Diets

Whilst KRC has spent years creating and and perfecting our onboard cuisines, we are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new high protein VEGAN menu, giving our vegan and vegetarian guests a healthy and varied diet.

Every meal begins with a large prepared and fresh salad bar. There is always a vegan starter or a vegan pasta dish such as Forest mushroom risotto, vermicelli with lemon and artichoke pesto, melazane in carroza, baked penne and pumpkin.

We always have at least one vegan soup such as sweet potato and carrot, French onion soup, mushroom bisque, vichyssoise.

For Entrée we always have at least one exciting vegan choice. As mentioned, these have been designed to be tasty with a high protein content such as sweet potato and black bean quesadillas, crusted cassoulet with tofu, squash and quinoa chili, shepherdess pie with quinoa.

Most of our desserts are vegetarian but we have a wide selection of vegan choice such as linzertorte, sacher torte, peach melba, apple crumble. Enjoy whilst maintaining your dietary choices.

If you are gluten intolerant, we also have special choices just for you.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“Outstanding experience in a wonderful religious environment viewing centuries of Jewish history”

Max B 

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“I have been totally spoiled for future vacations. Riverboat is the way to go. I’ve met such nice people, staff was great, food fantastic. A really well run and well thought out trip”

Harriet S

“Another successful experience”

“Our experience was unique in that we were able to tour a lot of territory and a variety of places with minimal inconvenience. The fact that our boat was always with us and there were no long bus rides or waits made this mode of travel extremely enjoyable.”

Micheol R


“It was important that the Kosher River Cruise director was always with us and was ready and willing to make adjustments along the way to keep everything moving smoothly. I would highly recommend Kosher River Cruises and this river cruise as an exceptional vacation experience.” “

Elaine R

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