Many of us want to travel deep into the Amazon Jungle and explore the beauty and wonders it can offer.

The compelling biodiversity and exotic animals trigger our adventurous side, brushing off the fear of possibly seeing giant anacondas and piranhas.

But if you are a Jew, and would like to have an adventure but still want to keep your meals kosher, then Amazon River is an unlikely place to visit.

But that was before. Now, Kosher River Cruises, with their exciting excursions and activities, now offers river cruises to the grand Amazon.

The Amazon River

The Amazon basin stretches over eight countries, offering plenty of opportunities for explorations of a lifetime.

The Amazon River and rainforest provide a large amount of oxygen, fresh water, and biodiversity to the planet, and is a perfect breeding and feeding ground for all kinds of wildlife. However, the abundance of flora and fauna in the rainforest has also caught the attention of illegal operators resulting in an endangered bionetwork.

Right now, the Amazon is one of the most protected rainforests in the world.

Home of the magical pink dolphins, giant anacondas, crocodiles and the flesh-eating piranha, the Amazon River has become one of the best natural attractions in the world.

Interesting Activities and excursions in Amazon

The Amazon river has a lot more to offer than just exotic animals. You can go trekking with an expert naturalist who will tour you around indigenous villages, enjoy a picturesque tour by motorboat, go bird watching, canopy walking, kayaking, and even piranha fishing.

There are also other activities like zip lining, water rafting, and jungle trekking. These activities may not be included in the itineraries, but if you want to have an adventure on your own make sure you go with expert operators and tourist guides.

For wildlife lovers, the best way to enjoy up-close encounters with the local animals is to make sure that you are not disturbing them in the natural habitat.

A Magical and Exciting Adventure with Kosher River Cruise

The Kosher River Cruise offers all-inclusive tickets in which you don’t have to worry about paying extra for excursions and activities on land.

Of course, let us not forget the Glatt kosher breakfasts, lunches, dinners and in-between meals. Moreover, known to all Kosher River Cruises, a synagogue with Sefer Torah is available on board for daily divining and special Shabbat programming.

Moreover, expect fabulous, luxurious services as you cruise along the natural wonders of Brazil such as the the Solimões River and the Negro River.

Everyone who goes to the Amazon will definitely have their own unique and memorable experience that makes it a story worth telling.