A vacation is an opportunity to live a life of excitement and carefully-crafted experiences, even for a short amount of time. We at Kosher River Cruises make sure that every guest gets everything they’re expecting on a kosher trip just as they expected it—pristine destinations, breathtaking views, and iconic experiences only found on a trip with KRC.

We make sure guests go on enjoyable Jewish trips every time they get on board. We even go the extra mile and add luxury to the mix because you deserve it.

Why indeed should vacations be luxurious? Let’s explore more about it here.

Simply Because It’s Luxurious

The world’s river cruise scene awaits the release of new ships that add more to the luxurious experience of every trip, and KRC is always on the lookout to give that very experience to you.

Apart from that, our definition of luxury is peppered with creative itineraries and in-depth journeys through Jewish heritage and history.

We make sure that our guests always experience something new and interesting on our trips. Even if you decide to go on multiple trips, we make sure it’s even more unique and experiential than the last one.

Cruise with the world’s most picturesque waterways with the most trusted personalities in the Jewish community from Rabbis to Master Kosher Chefs.

At the end of the day, after enjoying the wonderful service and immersive excursions, resign in a stateroom or a suite that is generous with comfort.

Easily Better Than Mass Tourism

With the way we’re redefining Jewish river cruising, it’s safe to say that Kosher River Cruises provides the crème de la crème of Jewish heritage tours. A good guest-to-staff ratio ensures that you’re at the zenith of rest and relaxation that is far from the standards of mass tourism.

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should go on a luxurious vacation is the fact that traveling and vacations are getting more expensive these days. Why not spend it on an experience that you can totally maximize?