The Amazon is the largest broad-leaved forest on the planet, and with that comes rich biomes and immense diversity, home to thousands for flora and fauna.

With that, many explorers want to visit and explore the beauty of the Amazon and witness the power of the Amazon River. Here at Kosher River Cruise, we want to deliver the kind of cruise that would meet the demands of those who want to experience a once in a lifetime adventure.

However, unlike cruises, the Amazon is not a straightforward destination. With a vast area and unpredictable seasons, you need to really think about what to pack and what to leave at home.

With that, here are some helpful tips on what and how to pack for your first Amazon kosher river cruise for a guaranteed enjoyable Jewish trip:


The Amazon River Cruise involves multiple excursions per day which means you have to change your dirty clothes often.

Here are the ideal clothes you should bring:

Dri-fit Clothes – The Amazon jungle is humid, and it could take days for the clothes to dry. Packing dri-fit clothes is a lot more comfortable than cotton.

Long Sleeves and Pants – When traveling, shorts may be one of the best clothes that could bring comfort – but not in the Amazon River. You’ll see a lot of mosquitoes and insects in the Amazon. Additionally, avoid dark clothes because mosquitos are attracted to dark colors.

Socks – you’ll need socks for excursions and also indoors, just in case – so bring more than one pair. Also, bring waterproof boots or shoes if necessary.


Accessories and other Essentials

Kosher river cruise provides basic toiletries and other essentials so there’s no need to bring personal toiletries. Here’s what else you should bring:

Sunscreen, shades, and wide brim hats – although the Amazon forest gives refreshing shade, you will still use it during boating.

Bug Spray – The Amazon is a rainforest so expect a lot of buzzing and biting. Also, spray your clothes for additional protection.

Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes – bring only small packs and small bottles. This will come in handy in case you want to wash your hands while in the forest.

Before packing, make sure that you check your itineraries and amenities.

Don’t forget to browse our website for more information and tips like this. Have a great trip!