On the second day of our Douro expedition, we at Kosher River Cruises enjoyed the amenities of our leisure riverboat. As we journeyed across the gorgeous expanse of the Douro Valley and its magnificent waterway, we also enriched ourselves with historic onboard lectures and kosher cooking classes. The luxury of a kosher holiday cruise is always delightful, but we also like learning new things while exploring the world.

Douro River

Towards Salamanca

Salamanca is close to the border between Portugal and Spain, with the Douro River providing a way for our cruise-goers to easily disembark and travel to that remarkable university town. Made with red brick and graced with exquisite Spanish architectural designs, the University of Salamanca will be a sight to behold.

Of Locks and Rivers

While traveling towards Salamanca, the cruise ship passed through the gates of a river lock. A river lock is a kind of artificial basin used for river travel. Some parts of a river are not level with each other, so a lock lets boats navigate through uneven parts of the water by putting them between gates and raising or lowering the water level. Going through a lock while aboard a Jewish travel cruise is a memorable sight.