The fun of travelling does not only involve getting to visit new and exciting places but also experiencing something unique. River cruises are gaining popularity every year, what with the sudden spike of interest from individuals who want to invest their money in travelling or pursuing it as a hobby.

Interested in availing a river cruise? Here are reasons why it could be the best decision to make for your next vacation

It’s Convenient

Once you step onto the ship, you can leave behind your worries and enjoy the trip. Your cabin, food, itinerary, and activities will already be taken care of. It’s also convenient for people who have a certain diet, preference, or restrictions. Do you only eat kosher food because you’re Jewish? Kosher tours can provide you a menu with dishes that are prepared according to kashrut law. All you really have to think about now are the souvenirs you’ll buy for all the stops you’re going to make.

It Has Plenty Of Destinations

With a single river cruise trip, you get to journey multiple destinations. For example, the ship can sail along Mekong River and travel from, say, Vietnam to Cambodia. The itinerary highlights the countries’ best stops and provides you with plenty of time to see the ancient temples, monasteries, royal palaces, pagodas, rural villages, and even live a glimpse of their culture.


It’s Relaxing

Embarking on a cruise certainly isn’t the same as riding on an airplane or driving on land. Aside from not getting motion sickness, it’s best for travellers who are looking for a moment of serenity where they can sit back or stand by the window to revel in the calming current of the river.


It’s Intimate

River cruise ships are comparably smaller in size to pass through low bridges and passages. That’s why it’s easy to run out of cabins if you don’t book your trip ahead. Because of the small passenger population, meals such as lunches and dinners can be an opportunity to make friends. You can learn cultural insights people from other countries or take advice travelers who have been riding river cruises for a long time. There are also activities you can participate in while you’re on board such as religious Jewish lectures when you’re on a kosher river cruise, for example.

Don’t be afraid to try out a river cruise. It’s a memorable experience that’s not only limited to old and retiring people. It can be a breath of fresh air for hardworking millennials who are seeking adventure, too!