Some say that river cruising is one of the easiest ways to travel. Here at Kosher River Cruise, you can forget the hassle of packing and unpacking, visit multiple places in just one ride, and are served with utmost hospitability and more.

However, there are things you should take note of so that you can have the best experience with us. Here are the secrets to experience the overall Kosher River Cruise journey.


No pressure for this one but it’s one of the best advice we can give especially for first-timers. Here are some things you can research on:

  • Check out the places you will visit to set expectations. On river cruises, each day is a new place. This means that you will visit at least 8 destinations, depending on how long your cruise will be.
  • Check the weather for you to pack the right stuff.
  • Check the onboard programs. Is it wise to bring your kids? Will they enjoy the programs?
  • Check out the amenities. This will reduce your baggage.

Fervent research will guide you on what to prepare before boarding.

Eat Like The Locals

We can all agree that food can make our vacation more memorable. So do not be afraid or sceptical to try local cuisines!

At Kosher River Cruise, we are very open to creating a local dish that is in season with every place we visit. And since you are on board a kosher cruise, expect that you will only be served with kosher cuisine. So dig in!

Make Friends

Unlike mega ships, riverboats are small and can only house up to 200 guests. You won’t be hassling with the crowd, dealing with rowdy kids and the like. Instead, you will have an intimate and rather peaceful vacation. However, during dining, you will have to share tables with others. This will be your chance to make new friends.

Attend Programs

Kosher River Cruise does not only plan the excursions and itinerary, we carefully organize the onboard programs too! So join our discussions and lecture. We guarantee that you will be amazed at what you can discover from our invited guests.

Kosher River Cruises

Our aim is to give you a memorable Jewish vacation all throughout your journey with us. So if you want to make the most of your vacation, make sure that you are ready to embrace the activities we prepared for you!