Weddings are romantic. But honeymoons can be even more so. A honeymoon is a perfect time to just enjoy, relax and create wonderful memories as you move on to the next chapter of your life as husband and wife.

There are plenty of ways to spend a romantic holiday, but going on a river cruise is very popular among newlywed couples lately.

However, they can be very expensive and if you’re not careful enough, you might spend more than what you intend. And if you want to go on an ocean cruise, perhaps the only time you can enjoy an intimate moment is when you’re inside your cabin.

But for Jewish couples, they have an option: Kosher River Cruise. Packed with only 150-200 guests, you will certainly have your own moments and more.

Here are some reasons why you should spend your honeymoon with us.

Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

River cruises are known for giving the most spectacular views that will surely bring more romance to your vacation.

Unpack once, and see some castles along the enchanted Rhine river or get the chance to swim with pink dolphins in Amazon.

But it is not just the journey that you will enjoy. We will bring you to amazing destinations and offer excursions that you canenjoy. UNESCO World heritage sites, beautiful arts, and museums and visiting indigenous villages are just a few of the highlights of our itinerary.

Good Value for Money

One of the unique selling points of many river cruises is that it is all-inclusive. Having a wedding is expensive enough, and spending beyond your allotted budget is something you don’t want to happen during your vacation. That is why going on a river cruise is ideal for a honeymoon.

Our all-inclusive program includes the local trips and tours, entertainment, onboard programming, amenities, and of course Glatt Kosher cuisine from breakfasts to dinners to midnight snacks.

Vacation Of A Lifetime

Have you heard of riverboat disasters?

Not really, right? A river cruise is a lot safer compared to ocean cruises. Riverboats don’t really go far from ports plus, rivers are relatively shallow. Furthermore, you can save yourself from seasickness because you won’t be encountering big waves in a river.

Here at Kosher River Cruises, we only want the best for our guests. That is why we only offer the finest service, luxurious amenities and fun activities that will make your honeymoon an experience of a lifetime.