A vacation is one of the things every person desires regardless of their beliefs. That’s where the religious river cruise found its place.

Kosher River Cruises’ mission is to provide an all-deluxe, all inclusive, and all-kosher river cruise for everyone.

May 2013 Photoshoot
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But why should you choose a religious cruise over others? Here are top 5 reasons why you should take your next Jewish travel with Kosher River Cruises.

Reflection of the Past

The history of our Jewish ancestors is miraculous, tragic, and beautiful. You will hear amazing and heart breaking stories especially during the world wars.

The in-depth tour will bring you back to the past, so that you can appreciate your present life and excitedly look forward to your future.

Embracing New Knowledge

Every program we curate aims to give our guests pure entertainment and more. We will bring historians, lecturers, rabbis, educators, and interesting personalities to give amazing discourses.

Build New Relationship

Boarding our cruise is also an opportunity for our guests to meet new people with the same beliefs. Riverboats are not as huge as ships, which makes it easier for you to make new friends.

Enjoy Life

Forget about bringing your own cutlery and kosher meals. Kosher river cruise is an all-glatt all-kosher cruise. All you have to do is make yourself comfortable as you settle in your own deluxe cabins and enjoy the scenery outside as we cruise along the world’s greatest waterways. Every day you wake up to a new destination where you can explore the culture and traditions of the places we visit.

Acquire New Experience

With almost 30 years of handling large groups for a Jewish vacation all over the world, we promise to bring each guest a new level of vacation experience.

We are not only offering a religious cruise, but also a vacation of a lifetime by providing a holistic experience for every guest.