Planning a European cruise is now made easier after it’s narrowed down to different niches. Cruise liners are now investing so much in planning and creating themed cruises that perfectly suite the passion and lifestyles of their guest.

This includes religion. And as the trends and competition grow every year, we at Kosher River Cruise make sure that we are not just a typical kosher touring service.

Holidays and Other Religious Celebration

In most of the mainstream cruise ships, may it be a river cruise or an ocean cruise, religious gatherings like synagogue service are not celebrated on board.

If you are docked on a port, your option is to look for a local synagogue to attend a service. An interdenominational service is also offered but you can only find this on luxury cruise ships.

Here at Kosher River Cruise, we take our religious holidays very seriously. We believe that our guests will expect a full kosher experience and that is what we take pride in.

Unlike other Jewish river cruises, we make sure that we have a synagogue on board. Moreover, there will be a daily Minyanim complete with Sefer Torah and on-site Rabbonim.

During Shabbat, our guests can have an afternoon leisure walk or listen to engaging and informative lectures, among other activities.

More Than Just a Tour



Canal in Venice with ancient houses, and boats, Venice, Italy (HDR)
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Another unique feature we have is our guided tour, both land and water. Most Jewish themed cruises offer either Jewish heritage tour or a standard city tour. You can also go on an independent trip if you prefer touring alone.

But here in Kosher River cruise, expect the brightest rabbis and lecturers on board to give you a thorough tour of all our destinations.

We always highlight the best places and provide expert guides who will surely give life to every spot you go by providing rich Jewish history and other culture and traditions of the place you are visiting.

We feature interactive programs too. Have you tried fishing for piranhas at the Amazon? How about going on a shopping spree at a floating market in the Mekong?

With these activities, we let our guests immerse in the real culture and heritage of the places we go, hence making it more memorable and a vacation worth to share with other people.

The Only Luxury All-Inclusive All Kosher Riverboat Cruise

When we say kosher, we mean it. We serve only the finest Glatt Kosher cuisine which is primed only under the strict supervision by our chefs. Moreover, you will only eat the best banquet from breakfast up to late night snacks, teas, and other beverages—all of them kosher. Our programs and activities, including the destinations, are well planned to make sure that everything is Jewish-friendly.

So sit back and relax with family, friends and soon to be friends as we go on an intimate ride on the grandest waterways in the world while being entertained by exceptional programs and events we have specially arranged for you. Get pampered with our spa service or keep your healthy lifestyle by going to the gym on board.

Here at Kosher River Cruise, we take the kosher touring service to a whole new level, making sure that your voyage on board an expedition on land will be a memorable one.