Jewish trips that offer you experiences across beautiful sites across the world, from Central Europe to South East Asia, are truly a blessing for vacationers who want the best and the most luxurious, but also don’t want to compromise their kosher lifestyle. Thankfully, Jewish tourists have the wonderful option of going on kosher tours in amazing places.

Sumptuously Kosher Cuisine

A large part of the cruise experience is the food, and while ensuring that food is prepared in the proper kosher way is of utmost importance, it’s also important that people enjoy them, too.

Fortunately, as part of the KRC’s on-board team, master kosher chef Malcolm Green is always there to ensure that passengers enjoy fresh and delicious daily meals prepared on the on-site kosher kitchens. Chef Green has experiences with cuisine from all over the world, and such knowledge is applied to our cruise menus, whether for the European or Asian cruises, all assuredly kosher.



Enriching Activities

No cruise is complete without on-board entertainment, and with Kosher River Cruise’s on-board entertainment and wellness facilities such as the hair salon and gym, there is definitely no shortage of the pampering guests need.

More importantly, on-board are significantly Jewish opportunities for enrichment such as a synagogue with daily minyanim. There are also lecturers available to make the touring experience more interesting thanks to in-depth historical accounts of different sites.


Best of all, there rabbis are also present for the duration of the cruise. Thanks to the expertise of on-board rabbis, Rabbi Yizchak A. Fischer and Rabbi Shmuel Weiss, guests will never fall short on any spiritual guidance they may need as they make their journey.

Historically Significant Spots Are Covered

Not all the action occurs on the cruise boat, guests are also more than welcome to experience the journey on foot with clockwork stops to the most interesting areas.

The available cruises cover a whole lot of different areas across the world that passengers simply have to choose from. From the history of the Jewish experience in areas of France such as Normandy, to engaging with the locals of Vietnam and Cambodia, the kosher tours are bound to be interesting and eye-opening for any tourist.

Enjoying Kosher Riverboat Cruises is definitely more than just about luxury and enjoyment (although they are definitely part of the deal), they also offer passengers a break that’s full of insight and spiritual fulfillment they can take with them after their trip. With that, tour passengers go home not just rested and stimulated, but with lessons and memorable experiences.