Master Kosher Chef Malcolm Green, one of the preeminent kosher caterers of his age, together with his business partner David Lawrence are now available to act as a consultants to those who are planning to break into the kosher catering industry and into the kosher travel market.

Both David and Malcolm have a shared experience of over 80 years in the hospitality business.

Their mission is to deliver first class professional advice to all in the hotel, catering and restaurant industry who are interested.

So how can KRC Consulting help your business plans?

Here are several ways that the advice of experts can provide you:

  • Initial concept planning – What are you hoping to present to the public.
  • Design of premises: Sophisticated, simplistic, or a middle of the road approach
  • Staffing requirements: Chefs, sommeliers, barmen, waiting staff, front of house, back of house, etc.
  • Old and new Staff training: On the job or off the job.
  • Ordering equipment: best prices from the best suppliers to fit in with your initial needs with room when expansion takes place.
  • Financial performance benchmarked against sector and industry standards
  • Qualitative results viewed from external and internal perspectives
  • Energy Use Advice: Electric or gas, induction or standard
  • Food hygiene training – essential for the scores on the doors and the health of your staff and clientele. All our staff have the necessary health and hygiene certification.
  • Nutritional advice for every item that you serve
  • Menu engineering for optimal balance and nutrition
  • Chef craft training – is the Michelin star your heart’s desire?
  • Branding for expansion
  • Knowledge of the catering industry borne from over 80 years of working experience in the catering industry
  • Integrity as trusted, dependable & honest advisors. Known throughout the kosher food industry.
  • Professionalism in our approach, in our analyses & in the insights & results we deliver
  • Connections that enable connections that enable us to offer useful comparisons & benchmarks from across the industry and for us to offer useful comparisons & benchmarks from across the industry.
  • In such a highly competitive travel industry, a small change can lead to a big increase in conversion rates. Our travel team pays attention to all aspects of the user experience to ensure that the technology they create helps the user complete their transaction as easily as possible.

KRC Consulting is the first step to a successful venture in the kosher hospitality and travel industry.
Take that step here now: