What defines Kosher River Cruises? Luxury. It is characterized by lush and comfortable cruising. Our Jewish travel presents to you nothing but the most exceptional tour excursions, gourmet Kosher food, relaxing accommodations, and excellent onboard service.

Whether it’s your first time aboard Kosher River Cruises or your tenth time venturing the great waterways of the world; here are five things you should know and remember about luxury travel.

There’s Never a Dull Day

What would you expect from a fourteen-day journey? We pack in as much fun and excitement as we can while you’re on the boat. It is our duty to ensure that you remember every single moment of your time aboard the ship, and we have to top every adventure from the previous day.

Every moment on Kosher River Cruises will be memorable, not just your tour excursions. There are things to do on the ship as well, such as catching a show in the theater or indulging in drinks during the cocktail night. How’s that for living the good life?

The Customer is Always Right

Here on Kosher River Cruises, our service is guest-centered. As the old saying goes, your wish is my command. We have staff on board that are more than ready to help you with whatever you may need 24/7. Room service? A porter? Private Charter? Concierge? We have it all; there’s nothing to worry about.
Luxury is not having to lift a finger for two weeks straight and leaving it to somebody else. Just remember to thank our staff in gratuities before you leave the vessel.

Gourmet Food From Sunrise to Sunset

Celebrity chef Malcolm Green and his team of line cooks will stop at nothing to deliver the best gourmet, Kosher food to your table. Vacations are a culinary experience, and on an all-inclusive river cruise like KRC, it’s almost ungodly not to indulge in the delicious food prepared for you every day.

Table for two? Or room service? Either way, we can make it happen.

Luxury Doesn’t End on the Ship

There will be days that you will dock at a port for a night or two. But don’t you worry, you will be taken to our accredited Kosher Resorts to spend the next couple of days on land. In case you’re wondering, the hotels are just as lavish as the ships.

Don’t be scared to treat yourself to a little luxury, especially when you know that you deserve it.

For more information on our tour dates, feel free to leave us a message. All aboard!