Are you planning your or someone else’s Jewish wedding, but still unsure of where to have it? Why not hold the blessed occasion while on a luxurious river cruise with family and friends? Aside from our usual scheduled kosher tours, we will also happily arrange a custom charter just for you. And yes, we will also take care of everything you need, including the food which will of course be kosher.

Below is a sample menu that we can prepare for you during the reception.


Food Stations For Arriving Guests

Chinese stir-fry with chicken
Mini shawarma
Mini meat balls in sweet & sour sauce on savory rice
Tortillas filled with spicy beef and guacamole
Deep-fried mushrooms
Goujon of chicken in sesame
Sticky chicken wings
Moroccan cigars
Potato latkes
Chicken chow mien
Sticky beef in ginger.
Carving stations with: Medium rare roast beef and whole turkey
Mini Salt Beef sandwiches
Cocktail Beef burgers
Selection of root vegetables cooked in olive oil and herbs
Penne pasta with mushroom, tomato and vegan bolognaise sauces
Poached whole salmon

Starters (Two Choices)

Sesame Crusted Tuna with sesame noodles and julienne vegetables
roasted pepper puree to accompany

Pine Nut Encrusted Halibut
set with a Timbale of Spaghetti Squash, marinated red onions and couscous, accompanied by baby leaves & cherry tomatoes, laced with balsamic vinaigrette

Butternut Squash Ravioli
served in a warm broth with brunoise of carrots, fresh leeks and red peppers

Timbale of Smoked and Fresh Salmon Mousse
served on a Bed of Baby Leaves, Half Lemon Wrapped in Muslin, Coleslaw, and Avocado Fan with Lemon Vinaigrette
(signature item)

Liver Pate served with Toast and Deep-Fried Onion Rings
Served with Dipping Sauce
(signature item)

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce
served with sweet potato fries on a bed of three colors of peppers, lightly sautéed

Mushroom Risotto
(signature item)

Fresh Salmon Sashimi
with Bean Sprouts and Basil Roasted Vegetables in Oil and Garlic

Smoked Duck Breast
with Pear Marmalade and Seasonal Salad

Gnocchi in a broth of julienne of white and dark chicken, Portobello mushrooms parsley & thyme
(signature item)

ENTREES (Three Choices)

*Beef Wellington
(signature item)

Prime Entrecote on a Bed of Liver Pate encased in puff pastry,
served with a Rich jus and Baton Vegetables

Baby Lamb Chops
Marinated and grilled to order, served on bed of Saffron Rice & Straw Vegetables

*Roast Stuffed Breast of Veal
Filled with Prunes Gherkins & Mustard and a Special Blend of Herbs
served with Pomme Parisienne Grilled Tomatoes & Mushrooms
(signature item)

*Seared breast of Duckling
Served pink and in a Szechwan sauce Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Griddled French beans
(signature item)

Grilled steaks
To Order Served with Thick Cut Sauté Potatoes & Ratatouille

Stuffed Cornish Hen
Served whole on a bed of couscous with a macedoine of vegetables

Lamb Cutlet chasseur
On spinach royal with Fresh Mint sauce with Roast Potatoes

Sticky Chicken
Marinated in Soy Honey Ginger Garlic & Herbs filled with Cilantro & Spring Onions Slow Roasted & served on Wild Rice Turned Carrots & Zucchini

Salmon en croute
With lime margarine sauce served with New Minted Potatoes & Mustard Parsley Sauce & Minted Petit Pois

*Roast Top Rib
Served au jus with Croquettes Almandine Yellow squash
(signature item)

Grilled ‘T bone’ Steaks
To order Served with French Fries Coleslaw & Garlic French Bread

Balsamic Glazed Rack of Lamb
Served with Pommes Duchesse & Swiss chard

With Merlot Reduction Served with a Selection of Fresh Vegetables

Prime Entrecote Au Jus
Served with Maître D’hôtel Potatoes on a bed of Stir-fry vegetables

*Chicken Cordon Blue
With Dijon Mustard Pickled Cucumbers & Smoked Goose Breast Served with Parmentier Potatoes & Kenya Beans Parcels
(signature item)

Eggplant Roulade
Thinly sliced, breaded eggplant rolled with ground beef in a classic Pomodoro sauce

Desserts (Six Choices)

Apple Strudel

Black Forest Gateaux

*Chocolate Brownie with hot chocolate sauce
(signature item)

Fresh Fruit Salad


Poached Pears in wine

Crepe Suzette
with Assorted Toppings of Sliced Bananas, Sliced Strawberries, Walnuts, Pecans,
Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Sauce, Hot Maple Syrup, and Whipped Pareve Cream

Assorted Mouse Cakes

Assiette Degustation
4 different desserts served with coulis
(signature item)

Petit Four

Lemon Tea and Black Coffee

Kosher River Cruises prioritizes your satisfaction during the cruise. As such, we will also ensure that you and all your guests will enjoy your Jewish Wedding.

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