The Jewish people tend to have a very colourful history with the nations they have lived in. They are full of stories of great success mixed with extreme suffering, and those who prospered in their countries would often face persecution later on.

We usually know of such stories through books and the stories of our elders and rabbis, but wouldn’t it be exciting to learn all these while on a luxurious kosher cruise with us?

Traveling Is The Best Teacher

At Kosher River Cruises, we believe that discovering our heritage in these countries is an enlightening experience. After all, traveling opens our minds and enriches the spirit, and it is an even bigger joy to listen to the people who have lovingly studied these histories. It helps us better understand our people and everything we went through.

Aside from the local historians and experts that join us on our kosher tours, we have special guests who are always part of every kosher cruise. They help enrich our experience and provide us with more insights on the world that was and the world we have today and how it affects our lives as Jews.

Every Cruise Is Special

On our last Normandy cruise along the Seine River, for example, we invited special guests to hold lectures on the military history of the Jews during the two World Wars. France was heavily involved in said wars, and the Jewish people were as well—especially in the second war.

It is known that the Jews had been in France since the Dark Ages and perhaps even since Roman times. They were quite numerous and most prospered as traveling merchants, but they were also faced with rampant anti-semitism that lasts until today.

To make the most of the time we had onboard, there was a documentary film festival courtesy of the SWC. Also known as the Simon Wiesenthal Center, it is an international organization for Jewish human rights. Simon Wiesenthal, whom the group was named after, was a Holocaust survivor and a famed Nazi hunter.

(On our upcoming kosher cruise to the Danube River, we will also have SWC film viewings. Since Wiesanthal was an Austrian, one of our destinations in the cruise is the Austrian capital, Vienna.)

But we don’t limit learning about our heritage to immersive Jewish tours in towns and lectures with affluent speakers. We like to include food in the equation as well as it plays an important part in understanding the Jews who lived in the country we’re in. As such, we held culinary programs for our guests, introducing them to French cuisines that were given a kosher twist.

Only The Best For You

Indeed, we here at Kosher River Cruises do our best to make sure our guests learn many things about the lands we travel to. But, most important of all, we want you to enjoy your stay with us. This is why we cruise with 5-star riverboats with high-class amenities and the finest glatt kosher meals.

Come and embark on elegant Jewish tours with us on Kosher River Cruises and enjoy a luxurious vacation while discovering more about the heritage of the Jewish people.