Asia is a vast continent with plenty of exhilarating destinations for both the urban life lover and the outdoor adventurer.

As a Jew, you might be worried that your needs may not be met, especially when it comes to kosher food. But thanks to kosher travel agencies like Kosher River Cruises, Jews can enjoy exploring the world without worrying about where to pray or what to eat.

Jewish communities can be seen all throughout Asia, like in the port cities of Mumbai, Surat Kochi, Bangkok, Singapore and more. Some of the mestablished as early as ancient times while others more recent like the Kochi Jews in India and Kaifeng Jews in China.

However, there has been a significant decline in the Asian Jewish population because most of them went back to Israel.

Nevertheless, here are some Jewish travel destinations that you should visit in Asia:


Cambodia is a popular destination for backpackers seeking an exotic culture. Interesting enough, there are no significant Jewish communities that were established in this country until 10 years ago. The absence of anti-Semitism in the country has piqued the interest of Jewish travelers.

Angkor Wat


Kosher River Cruise will let you explore riverside villages and learn their stories. Other activities include a cooking session what will feature local dishes with a kosher twist.

You can also witness Cambodian dances and visit enchanting temples like Wat Hanchey and more.


Just like in Cambodia, Jews in Vietnam are considered a minor religious group with only around 300 members. The Jewish community is mostly comprised of Jews who have come for business or leisure purposes. Meaning there are hardly any actual Vietnamese Jews. Despite that, Vietnam is still a great place for Jewish travel exactly because of the small but warm community.

Floating Market

You will cruise along the Mekong River and take a stop to villages like Koh Oknha Tey, a silk manufacturing village. Another notable place to visit is the Angkor Ban village and its mix of old and new culture.


India has a Jewish community that has been around for hundreds of years. The population rose to 20,000 in the 1940s but soon declined when many emigrated to Israel.

Taj Mahal

There are several amazing Jewish heritage sites including the oldest synagogue in Cochin which dates back to the 1560s. It is a must visit because of features such as art galleries showing the history of Jews and handmade porcelain tiles which are unique and exquisite since there are no two tiles look alike.

Another destination you should visit is the Red Church in Pune. This synagogue is the largest in Asia outside of Israel.

Visit Asia with us

Here at Kosher River Cruise, we are determined to give you an ultimate Jewish travel experience in places where you think it’s hard to travel and keep kosher. With us, you won’t have to worry about kosher meals, itineraries, and excursions, because we already prepared that for you!

Mekong River Cruise

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