Picture this kind of vacation: visiting indigenous villages, explore different cultures, see wild animals and meet new friends while enjoying luxury services on a floating 5-star hotel.

Exotic, Luxurious and Kosher: three words that sum up our kosher river cruise down in Amazon River or Mekong River.

And if you are not yet set to this kind of adventure, there here are the best reasons why you should try exotic kosher touring with Kosher River Cruise:

You Need It

The thought of traveling far away might seem exhausting, but did you know that momentarily distancing yourself from your everyday responsibilities will help boost your mental health?

The daily hustle and bustle of work or any daily routine can cause stress. Sometimes, stress can distract a person from knowing the things that have more value and meaning. This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction with life.

Taking a break by going to exotic places and having once in a lifetime experiences is a great way to de-stress.

Widen Your Perspective

By traveling to exotic places, you’ll widen your views on the world and give yourself motivation. One of the excursions of Kosher River Cruise in the Amazon River is rainforest trekking and indigenous village visitations. You’ll have an authentic experience with Mother Nature, and see how different life is in other places.

But remember, it’s not only about going there and seeing new things. You will have a better experience if you really open your mind and immerse yourself in other cultures.


Expand your Vacation Experience

There’s nothing wrong with going to the beach or trying a new restaurants. However, you will eventually lose excitement when you do the same things over and over again.

Trying a new way to spend your vacation will definitely excite you because you don’t know what to expect. And sometimes, not knowing is better, right?

Perfect Time to Challenge Yourself

Nobody wants to hear a story that has no thrills. If you want your vacation to have a story worth telling, go on an exotic one.

Try shopping on a floating market in the Mekong River, or go piranha fishing for dinner. You will have a lot of fun and telling your experience to others will be exciting as well.

Learn New Things

As Jews, we know many things about our heritage from our parents, rabbis, and elders. However, going on a Jewish Heritage tour and visit the exact place where the history happens is far more special than just hearing about it.

Each of us has different taste when it comes to spending a vacation. But here’s a travel tip from CNN contributor Robert Reid, “Travel to a new place at least once every three years to expand our memories in a youthful –like way.”

Kosher River Cruise is here to let you experience a luxurious yet exciting way to visit exotic places. Check out our exotic destinations for more information!