Kosher cruises have evolved into an inclusive getaway experience without compromising tradition. These days it’s more than just making sure every food served is kosher. KRC makes sure every cruise is an immersive one-of-a-kind experience. Our jam-packed trips are served the way you like it.

Spending Jewish holidays with the family is embedded in the identity of every Jew. If you’ve celebrated every holiday and vacation in every way imaginable, try spending the next one on a river cruise. Many of our guests come back every year. Here’s why they prefer celebrating holidays on a cruise:

The Decision to Relax

Going through the daily grind is a stressful deed in and of itself. There might have been times where you sat through work days waiting for the next Jewish holiday. When these holidays come, you’re supposed to have the most relaxing time.

With KRC’s river cruises, letting go of your worries for the holidays is your first priority. Once you decide to go on a cruise, everything else is set. Of course, you still need to pick out what to eat, and what great sights to see. You also have that heavy task of deciding how pampered you want to be in the next few days.

A Different Holiday Experience Every Time

A lot of Jewish families choose to spend their holidays on a river cruise because it offers a unique experience. The Seder feast onboard is prepared by some of the world’s best kosher chefs. Rabbis onboard leads lectures and historical lessons no small talk in the family can match.

Go deeper into the Jewish heritage and culture. Get to know a worldwide network of Jews and celebrate Jewish history with pride. You’ll find Jewish communities where you least expect it.

Ultimate Kosher Comfort

Other cruises tend to get a bit too extreme. Some ocean cruises, for example, have mega-ships containing hundreds of amenities and man-made environments. It’s easy to get lost, not just in the moment, but in the literal sense as well.

River cruises offer a more comfortable trip. You can’t get seasick if you’re not at sea. For many guests, spending a day without a patch of land on sight can make them feel anxious.

River cruises sail to every destination more calmly than ocean cruises. Our guests are even dropped in charming towns for excursions — none of those long trips after docking on an industrial port.

Apart from everything mentioned above, Jewish heritage tours mix tradition in with the excitement of traveling. Every holiday is celebrated to bring the family closer and strengthen Jewish ties. KRC has mastered the way holidays are spent. Years of giving quality and luxurious service could teach you a thing or two about spending holidays.