Booking a private charter on Kosher River Cruises is one of the best things that you can do for your friends, family, or company. It allows you to spend an abundance of quality time over custom arrangements that suit your preferences. Would you like to host your bar mitzvah, company event, family vacation or bridal entourage while on a cruise Because it seems like a divine and luxurious way to celebrate?

Here are three reasons to book a private charter and go on Jewish tours with Kosher River Cruises.

Reason number 1: You’ll have the boat all to yourselves

Kosher Cruises is one of the touring companies that allow you to charter entire ships. If you have the vessel to yourself, you’re basically the captain of the ship – except that you don’t drive it.

For more intimate settings like weddings, having a chartered boat gives you the kind of privacy you need to celebrate your tender moments with the people that you care about most.

Reason number 2: You can request a tour proposal from the company

Suppose you’d like more information on a particular travel destination or if you’re interested in tweaking the itinerary a bit, you may call the company and tell them about your preferences. In return, we will be happy to send you back a detailed tour itinerary put together by one of our tour destination specialists.

Reason number 3: You get to experience excellent Glatt Kosher cuisine

What separates Kosher River Cruises from other cruise lines is our kosher dining experience. Every plate is prepared by a master kosher chef, served to you under strict kosher supervision. Take your tastebuds to an adventure while you cruise through the world’s most picturesque waterways.

Booking a private charter is the perfect getaway for big groups that want to enjoy themselves with the people they love most. Book a Kosher touring cruise now. We highly recommend choosing the Kosher River Cruise. It’s the perfect blend of all-inclusive luxury and privacy.

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