If the Rhône river could talk, its streams would tell you of the historic moments that happened in the region. Until that happens, we’ll do what we can to share our stories on our Jewish cruises. To give you a taste of how awe-inspiring these stories can be, let’s check out Dr. Henry Abramson’s series on the Jews of the Rhône.

The third episode in the series takes us back to a time when the name “France” was not known as the country we all know today. All the episodes on this series are available for you to watch on-demand on his Youtube channel or his website.

The last episode told us a legendary story about the resilience of the Jewish Community on the shores of the Rhone river. Now as we continue on the next installment, Dr. Abramson talks about a Jewish leader who established a self-governing Jewish community in Narbonne, a commune in Southern France.

The discussion went from the lives of the Jews within the Visigothic Empire, the battle between the Franks and the Spanish Muslims, and flourishing a Jewish kingdom in Southern France.

Here’s Dr. Abramson’s quick discussion about the Nasi of Narbonne.


This particular chapter in Jewish history in France is extraordinary, and you will have the chance to explore this story and much, much more when we get to Southern France. Join Dr. Abramson as he provides a live commentary while we explore Jewish heritage and history along the Rhône river.

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