Deciding whether you should go on an ocean or a river cruise is a matter of preference. Some go to ocean escapades with Kosherica cruises along with thousands of other guests. Jewish travelers that are looking for a more calm and curated cruise go with Kosher River Cruise.

The type of cruise to go to is one thing, and when to go on a cruise is a completely different matter. There’s no such thing as an absolutely perfect time to go riverboat cruising. That perfect time varies on location and month of the year.

Perhaps the right question to ask is about where to go depending on which time of the year it is. Here’s a look at how KRC carefully selects the best time to go to river cruise destinations so you can enjoy the best of the world’s most picturesque waterways.

When to Go to European Rivers

The best time to go riverboat cruising in Europe is definitely outside flooding seasons. When the rains of spring begin to melt down the snow on the Alps, they tend to flow down to the rivers causing floods. The months of April, May, and June usually are the times of the year when these things happen.

As much as we can, we wait out the unpleasant effects of these floods take our guests on our riverboat cruises as soon as the beauty of spring reveals itself. As soon as the sun enables the rivers like the Rhône to shine, then it’s time to bask in the natural beauty of Europe’s waterways.

The Waterways of the United States

Just like the rivers in Europe, rivers in the United States are also flood-prone rivers, depending on which season. Around November and December, the icing conditions around the Mississippi tends to thicken, thus making it unpassable for riverboats anywhere outside the New Orleans area.

During these times, New Orleans is such a great river cruise destination. It’s a great time to visit Jewish heritage sites and to take in everything New Orleans has to offer.

Mekong and the Monsoon Season

The legendary Mekong River stretches from China down to Vietnam. KRC organizes an upstream cruise from Vietnam to Cambodia. These countries have flourished with the help of key Jewish individuals that was embraced by their second homes.

These countries have perfect Jewish vacation spots all year round, but the best way to enjoy the Mekong is to go before the Monsoon season. We take our guests through an immensely pleasant trip through this legendary river right before the Monsoon season hits from August to November.

Timing is everything when going on trips around the world. As you go on an unforgettable Jewish getaway with Kosher River Cruise, we time it perfectly and we bring you curated experiences that are perfect for you and your family.