When it comes to kosher traveling, the rivers of the world are some of the best kosher touring destinations out there. From the serene Seine to the historic Douro, Kosher River Cruises has embarked on numerous riverboat adventures across the world. In 2020, we will travel once again to mainland Southeast Asia, via the nourishing waterway of the Mekong River. Via the Jayavarman, we will visit several wonderful locales in Vietnam and Cambodia, all while enjoying a delicious all-kosher culinary experience onboard. Here’s what to expect on a kosher cruise through Vietnam and Cambodia.

Delicious Kosher Cuisine

As on all our cruises, expect fully supervised delicious Glatt Kosher cuisine on your week-long Mekong river vacations. Prepared by expert chefs, each day along the river will be filled with culinary delight.

A Trip to Ho Chi Minh

Giac Lam Pagoda | Photo Credit: bestpricevn.com/travel-guide/giac-lam-pagoda.html

On the first leg of our Southeast Asian journey, we will visit a place once known as Saigon, the metropolitan locale of Ho Chi Minh City. This historic Vietnamese center of travel and commerce is home to various great travel destinations, from the Giac Lam Pagoda to the Revolutionary Museum. Before boarding the luxurious Jayavarman on our Mekong River Cruise, you’ll be sure to enjoy a stay in this great locale.

Explore Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Royal Palace

Another Southeast Asian city that our Mekong River Cruise will visit is the Cambodian “Paris of the East.” Phnom Penh is a place of Khmer beauty and the site of French colonial influence. It was also the site of monstrous atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge, whose victims are remembered in the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. From cultural wonders to somber reminders, Phnom Penh is a place rich in history and potential travel experiences.

A Post-tour of Angkor

After visiting various towns, villages and cities along the Mekong, our Mekong River Cruise travelers have the option of participating in a Siem Reap post-cruise tour. After disembarking from the Jayavarman, we have booked extension participants into the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor. In the next few days, we will explore the ancient ruins of Khmer antiquity near Siem Reap, including the famed temple complex of Angkor Wat.


Vietnam and Cambodia are some of the most travel-worthy locales in Southeast Asia. From rich culture to historic travel destinations, Vietnam and Cambodia are united by the great Mekong River, along with the other mainland Southeast Asian nations. There are many more locales and events planned for our Mekong kosher cruise. We are aiming for a comfortable and relaxing kosher travel experience in 2020.