Traveling is an amazing activity. It does wonders to the mind and fills up the heart. There are a lot of ways to see the world. You can go backpacking all over a continent, you could take a long ride to places you’ve never been to, or you can go on a cruise and travel in luxury.

No matter how you intend to cover new ground, what matters most is you enjoy your experience. KRC sees to it that every guest leaves with an unforgettable Jewish travel experience. Even if a guest has been coming to our cruises for years, we make sure no two experiences are identical. It’s always new, always exhilarating, always keeping kosher.

When you think about going on a cruise, going on a river cruise may be the best kind, but it’s not the only kind of cruise out there. Some choose to go to those super extravagant giant cruises that look grand and exciting. All is well until you find out every amenity is full of people. You end up retreating to your room for some peace and quiet.

The scenario is very different when you’re in a riverboat cruise. We see to it that every part of our guests’ experience is meticulously created to produce only the best memories.

There are things you can only experience when you go on a trip with Kosher River Cruise. Here are some of the most unique joys you can only find in a riverboat cruise.

Intimacy Redefined

Compared to giant cruise ships that often sail on the oceans, river cruises are more intimate. We house hundreds (instead of thousands) of guests offering the most personalized experience for each one.

Enjoy in your own space with your family or get to know yourself even better because you have all the space to do so. Those that went through the stresses of long lines and crowded tourist spots know how precious space is.

Serving Excellence by the Plate

Our dedication is to provide the most luxurious kosher river cruise you will ever experience. This dedication manifests itself in everything we serve. Gourmet and kosher has never been woven into each other like how we do it.

Every meal is Glatt Kosher and is prepared under strict supervision. You only deserve the best, that is why we bring in only the best Master Kosher Chefs known all over the world.

Other cruises may say that they can cater to your kosher preferences, but they can never serve something as excellently-prepared as the ones we serve in our riverboats. Every element in our trips is intended to give you the most enjoyable Jewish trips that are truly unforgettable.