Kosher River Cruise has been taking guests on extraordinary Jewish heritage tours for more than two decades. Part of our dedication is to be the definition of ideal Jewish holidays and to be each Jew’s first choice in luxurious kosher getaways, so we try and improve every trip—better guest experiences, minimizing inconveniences, and improved staff coordination.

Our adherence to this dedication yielded the expected results—our guests are satisfied and they disembark every time craving another tour cruise with KRC.

It’s not enough to improve every detail inside the ship for the guests, every destination has to match the luxury we create for them, like a story told in a beautifully linear way. Here’s a general idea of how we do it.

Every Tour Has You In Mind

Before you even get on board, our staff is briefed about all your possible wants and needs in the entire duration of the trip. As soon as you settle in, each member of the crew and the staff is expectantly standing by waiting to fulfill anything you had in mind. And that’s just the beginning.

The ship is modified to the smallest detail to be the most ideal river cruising environment for the guests. From the spacing between seats, the softness of the cushion, up to the lighting in every room.

This modification into luxury is something that separates riverboat cruises from all other types of ships that offer a legitimate vacation experience.

A Wonderful Religious Environment

Kosher River Cruises are specially organized for the Kosher traveler. We have Rabbis and scholars onboard, as well as Shabbat Programs. Everything is supervised to bring only the events that are appropriate to Jewish religion and culture.

Enjoy a luxurious trip with like-minded individuals that you can relate with in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Outstanding Food

KRC has not only eliminated this concern, we’ve also improved the way it’s done.

With master kosher chefs on board, every meal is not only the best kosher meal ever served on the world’s waterways, but it’s also certified Glatt Kosher as well. For your next getaway, travel with KRC. It’s a kosher tour you simply won’t forget.