You’ve eaten your way through Italy and shopped til you dropped in Paris, but still, your wanderlust isn’t satisfied by the busy streets of Barcelona. Europe is more than its capital cities; there is so much unexplored territory that can’t be found on most tourist maps. So pack your bags and get ready for your Jewish vacation with Kosher River Cruises.


If the island life is more your style, then book a flight to Malta. Just off the Italian coast lies this beach lovers paradise. This stunning country is littered with lagoons, coastlines, and cliff diving spots. It’s not just a sun and sand kind of place. Malta has a 7000-year-old history and you will find some of the most well-preserved Roman architecture here. Some areas still use horses and carriages as a mode of transportation. Also, did you know that Malta is a wine growing region? Well, you do now! We suggest booking a wine tasting tour at Meridiana.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you just so happen to enjoy high altitudes and trekking, then Bosnia and Herzegovina is your best choice. Situated on the Balkan peninsula, Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to medieval towns, rivers, lakes, plus the steep Dinaric Alps. One of the more popular activities to do in this mountainous country is adventure sports. The locals are fond of things like bridge diving, water rafting, skiing, and canyoning. They say there are two types of people, mountain or beach people.


Southeast of Europe on the Balkan peninsula, this underrated country was the inspiration for Prince Naveen’s character in Disney’s adaptation of Princess and the Frog. This landlocked country is blanketed by mountains and brandished by deep basins and valleys filled with orchards. Our absolute must-see in Macedonia is Canyon Matka. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy this day trip outside of the city. Float along Lake Matka and admire the natural stone walls that guard this sanctuary. You can even rent a private boat to explore the caves that surround the lake.


Landlocked between Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia hides the fabulous Belarus. This country is popular for its postmodern marrying of Stalinist and new age architecture. Belarus is sightseeing galore! On your trip, you’ll encounter plenty of stranges such as the museum of confiscated art, mound of glory, and the brest-hero fortress. This developing country forms part of the USSR so you will encounter many heritage sites turned into museums like the Stalin line. Also, if you want to enjoy some quiet time on your trip, do not skip out on the National Library of Belarus, it houses over 8,600,000 items.


Right next to Belarus is Latvia, a country which lies beside the Baltic Sea. Another nature lovers paradise, Latvia is popular for its lush forests and wide beaches. We suggest you visit the old town Riga; this city is littered with beautiful churches and museums. Or if you want something a bit more entertaining, catch a show at the Latvian National Opera where you can choose between an Opera or a ballet. One season has over 200 shows; there will always be something for you whenever you decide to visit.

Avail of a Kosher Cruise package and get the opportunity to explore these underrated regions of Europe. Contact us for more information, we’ll be more than happy to help!