From delicious kosher cuisine, luxurious accommodation, and more importantly the expansion and the appreciation of Jewish culture on a global scale, kosher cruises have certainly improved the way we spend our kosher holiday.

The diaspora caused Jews, not only to establish their second homes across the world but to create a positive impact wherever they are. How important is it to see the world to explore Jewish history?

How Did We Get Here?

Studying Jewish history from a library may give us various angles of our heritage. But heading out and making the effort to see the sites in person will give us a perspective on various dimensions of Jewish history.

Step foot on where it happened, get a personal glimpse into the days of old, and immerse yourself in how your heritage happened. It’s all possible, now that we’ve made heritage touring possible.

Going to the sites will not only give you a personal perspective on your heritage, but it can also help you make sense of the world around you in the context of Jewish history. Hidden in different parts of the world are inspiring Jewish stories that can help explain the world we live in today.

A Lesson From A Legend

When it comes to delving deep into Jewish history, we can all think of iconic personalities throughout history who inspired us to pursue our love for our heritage. One of the most prominent is the poet Hannah Szenes. She is known for her heroic efforts during the Second World War to rescue Hungarian Jews from the Nazis. Her bravery and her poetry inspired a lot of Jewish adventurers today, and most of us reflect on this poem of hers.

“There are stars whose radiance is visible on Earth though they have long been extinct.
There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world even though they are no longer among the living.
These lights are particularly bright when the night is dark.
They light the way for humankind.”

Pass It On

Now that traveling is easier with our all-inclusive, all-luxury, and all-kosher cruises, we can easily bring meaning to our kosher vacations. We can make the most out of every trip by contributing to Jewish history ourselves. This may sound like quite the responsibility but we are now writing Jewish history as it happens.

So when you travel, take to heart the words of Jewish historian Simon Dubnow as he implores us to “…write and rewrite, keep alive each word and each gesture…” Jewish history will forever live on in all its glory as long as we keep passing it on.

Take the first step into your exploration through Jewish history, join our next cruise by booking your cabin now. Our next cruise will be on the Rhône river in Southern France. The region is filled with Jewish stories waiting to be uncovered.