The dream to see the world is a common desire. But what separates Jewish adventurers from others is their desire to have a meaningful journey — continually rediscovering their heritage as they see the world.

Jewish communities all over the world have had an impact that can be felt even by today’s generation. As we embark on a kosher cruise through the world’s great waterways, we explore our heritage and learn from our ancestors from when they helped shape the world we live in today.

Through Borders

Previous generations have built borders that signified limits. It is through braving these borders that historic events happened.

Pont du Gard

Take the story of the Jews in Provence when they helped protect their second home, and gained the favor of the Popes back in the Middle Ages. The Jewish communities in Southern France may have experienced their own share of ups and downs, but they managed to create an intellectual hub in the region that attracted the Jewish and non-Jewish thinkers of their generations to come and visit Provence.

Today, the southern region of France is a favorite destination among Jewish travelers when they’re on their kosher Europe tours. Not only is it rich in Jewish heritage, but the colorful history of the region has also painted a beautiful picture for everyone who pays a visit.

With Luxurious Ease

For more than 20 years, Kosher River Cruises has been dedicated in providing a luxurious kosher travel experience to all its guests.

Our guests simply need to book their cabins and everything — from their gourmet Glatt Kosher meals, luxury accommodation, and the immersive and educational itinerary — is included. Every detail of the travel is cared for, so that you can learn more about your heritage with ease.

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