Kosher cruises offer a wide variety of travel destinations from a gentle journey down Danube River to an exciting adventure through the Amazon. Every adventure calls for the right pair of shoes. So what do you pack?


Think summer with a chance of rain all year round. In the tropics, you only have two types of weather, scorching hot or dripping wet.

Bring light-colored clothes to keep you feeling cool and fresh after a whole day of exploring. Cotton or linen clothes are your best bet. And a pair of sandals should do you good. In case you want to explore the temples, it would be a good idea to bring a shawl or scarf to cover up in respect to the culture. Forgot to pack a hat? No worries. You’ll see vendors pedaling them at every corner.



Not for the faint of heart, the Amazon rainforest is a particularly humid and insect-laden destination. This cruise is typically for the nature-loving, thrill seekers.

For this trip, you’d want to cover up and protect yourself from the elements. Pack dri-fit clothing, long sleeves, pants, leggings, socks, and hiking boots or trainers. And insect repellent is a MUST. During hikes, water isn’t always readily accessible. So bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer and wet wipes to make cleaning up a little more convenient.


This cruise leans a little more to the luxurious side as you will be travelling through Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, and the Wachau Valley.

Seasoned European travelers know that less is more. Keep your suitcase minimalistic for this trip. Stick to dark colors and a clean silhouette. In your luggage, pack a trench coat, thermals, pants, a turtleneck, gloves, and a fashionable pair of black boots. People in Europe are the most stylish individuals in the world; you wouldn’t want to disappoint. And pack evening wear as well. Vienna is littered with opera houses and theaters.




Known as home to the Jews of the South, enjoy this casual river cruise from New Orleans to New Orleans.

Mardi gras! New Orleans is known for its flamboyant and loud fashion. Don’t be afraid to play with color and texture for your outfits. Anything goes here as long as it looks good. You can pack anything from casual clothes to a funky neon suit. Throw on a feather boa for your nighttime escapades. But it does get chilly at night, so it would be nice to have a sweater with you.


Explore the scenic views of the Iberian region with this Jewish cruise. Spanish people are and dress flirtatious, so whip out your best frocks. You’ll be docking at beaches, exploring vineyards, and quaint villages so pack an extra bag, you’ll be needing quite a bit.

For the ladies, pack flowing fabrics to match the flirtatious vibe of the Spanish locals. High heels are popular among Spanish women, so bring a pair of those too. In case you clock out, keep a pair of strappy sandals inside your bag. Gentlemen, keep yourselves looking sharp. Try going for the confident Matador vibe that Spanish men exude. Pack well-fitting pants/slacks and button down shirts. Tie your outfits together by bringing a comfortable pair of dress shoes. And as a tip from us to you, Spanish people are always so put together and give great importance to their hair. Pack a bottle of hairspray or styling wax to match their finesse with yours.

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