The Amazon rainforest has plenty of attractions that don’t necessarily involve hiking. Kosher River Cruises has expanded its tour destinations to the Amazon. This is by far the most unique package that we have to offer. With an eight-day cruise with pre and post tours of the Manaus and an action-packed itinerary, it’s no wonder people are signing up left and right for this package!

Here are some of the best tourist destinations on this kosher tour excursion:


Manaus alone has a multitude of sites to see like the Amazon Theater, the grand opera house in the rainforest or the meeting of the rivers Rio and Solimoes.

You can also explore the Manaus Botanical Gardens MUSA—just be ready to climb countless flights of stairs. It’s still the Amazon, and you’ll be exerting a lot more effort than climbing stairs.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island gets its name from the loud Howler Monkeys. It’s part of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve and National Park. Visits to the park involve piranha fishing, river trips, jungle tours, and a Quechua village excursion.

INPA Science Center

No kid will be able to resist this zoo. They’ll witness the gems of the Amazon, with animals so rare, they were only ever seen in textbooks. This is one of the efforts the Amazon is taking to conserve its wildlife.

The Casa da Ciência offers a systematic framework to Amazon ecology, including the perils facing the rainforest such as illegal logging, mining, and dams. Most signages include English translations for the viewing convenience of the tourists. Aside from exploring the zoo, you have the option to go on educational tours or attend classes about the conservation of wildlife.

Canopy Bridge Walk

Thrill seekers are all dying to get on this canopy bridge. Majority of the Amazons wildlife lives in the treetops of the forest. Lucky guests will be able to take a walk on a hanging bridge suspended 500 meters in the air above La Posada.

The locals say it’s the best way to experience the jungle because you get a 360-view of the Amazon. You don’t need any special equipment or skills to get you from one side of the bridge to the other. The only special equipment you’ll need is a camera to document that once in a lifetime experience.

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