Also known as “the hill of spring,” Tel Aviv is the most popular destination in Israel next to Jerusalem. Israel attracts over 3.6 million tourists a year, so Tel Aviv can get pretty crowded.

Don’t be fooled by this small city in Israel—it’s packed with art, culture, history, activity, and unexpectedly, a vibrant nightlife. Mark your calendars and put Tel Aviv on your list for your next exciting Jewish vacation.


Jaffa’s Old City and Port

Jaffa’s is one of the oldest port cities in the world. It’s a winding maze filled with cafes and flea markets. You get an inside look at what Tel Aviv looked like in the older days by exploring this part of town.

The port offers beautiful views of the gardens and the sea of Israel. Don’t waste your time on public transportation; it’s better to walk through this one. You’ll have a glint of what it’s like to walk backwards in time.

Yarkon Park

This isn’t your typical nature reserve park. Named after the Yarkon river, Yarkon Park boasts extensive and well-manicured lawns, botanical gardens, sports facilities, an aviary, a water park, two open-air concert venues and lakes.

Yarkon Park gathers a total of 16 million visitors annually and is busy all year round. This iconic part of town shouldn’t be overlooked; just brave the sea of tourists, and you’ll have a great time.


Namal Tel Aviv

The locals call it the hottest part of town, literally and figuratively. In the morning, the port is busy with work and filled with cafes and restaurant. It transforms at night time into a vibrant scene where people all over the world come to party and have a great time.

Rothschild 12

This is the hippie area where the locals come to hang out. Rothschild 12 has live music on most nights and a great menu that keeps people coming back for more. It has a wide range of clientele throughout the entire day because it’s a cafe during the day and a bar at night.

Unlike most bars, it’s spacious and elegant. There’s a large backyard where people can go to socialise or just sit around and enjoy the scene.


Kitchen Market

If you enjoy the local scene and want to get a taste of the local scene, head over to the farmers market and get a taste of the best local food from the Kitchen Market. It’s known for its great service and fresh Kosher food. What people enjoy most about the kitchen market is that there’s only a 15-minute wait time, even during peak hours.


For people who would like a fine dining experience, everyone from Tel Aviv recommends that you visit Taizu. Its sophisticated design and elegant ambience make it perfect for date night. Also, everything you order off the menu tastes amazing.

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