Not many people enjoy visiting museums. Some may enjoy the occasional historical visit while others are there for mandatory reasons like research or school field trips.

But did you know you can learn a lot when you visit museums? It can broaden your mind about history.

Have you ever wondered why paintings are so expensive? Visiting museums will let you see why. Having a hard time conversing with other people? Museums can fuel your knowledge that you can share with other people. It makes you look interesting too!

As part of the excursions, Kosher River Cruise not only lets you experience elegant Jewish travel, we also want our guests to explore and be able to appreciate Jews of the past by visiting museums.

Here are some notable museums you can visit when you travel with us:
Jüdisches Museum Wien

First founded in 1896, the Jewish Museum in Vienna is perceived to be the first Jewish museum in the world. This museum highlights the history of Jews during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It has also collections of objects from Palestine.

You can also visit the annex of the museum where you can find interesting documentation about the social, religious, and cultural lives of the Viennese Jews in the Middle Ages.

Jewish Community Museum at Bratislava

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This museum wants to portray synagogues as the only Jewish house of worship in Bratislava, thus the main “exhibit” is the synagogue itself.

This Jewish museum features items from Judaic collections and other collections associated with the
Jewish holocaust.

Visiting the museum will make you feel the authenticity of the environment – the true aura of a synagogue.

Art Nouveau/Art Déco Museum

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Located in Salamanca, Spain, the Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum are one of the reasons for the tourism success of the City of Salamanca. You can find at least 2, 500 pieces of artwork which are split
into 19 different sections.

There’s a section for porcelain dolls, glassware, chryselephantine sculptures.