Kosher river cruises are one of the best ways to see the world as a Jew. For one thing, you get to have the best Glatt kosher cuisine for the entire journey. Another is that there’s a synagogue on the ship—no need to find one on land so you can attend a service!

But the chance to indulge in delicious kosher meals and wines and the convenience of onboard synagogues aren’t the only reason to go on a cruise. Ask yourself these questions first and see if a trip with Kosher River Cruise is the right fit for you.

Are You Interested In Learning More About Your Heritage?

Here at KRC, some of the things you can participate in are our educational lectures and guided land tours to sites that have a lot of significance to local Jewish history. Many of the places we will be headed to, like the Rhone river in France and the Danube river in Central Europe, have an incredibly rich Jewish heritage. Hundreds of years worth of it in fact.

For guests who have roots in the destinations we have, this can be a great way to feel more connected with your family past!

Do You Want To Try Things You Haven’t Done Before?

Tours around towns, castles and other historical sites aren’t the only activities there are to do with us. Want to explore villages along the Mekong, or jungle trekking and piranha fishing in the Amazon? You normally wouldn’t think about trying them out, would you? Well, at KRC, we can do all that—and more!

Do You Like Getting Great Value For Your Money?

One of the best things about our river cruise is that it’s all-inclusive. You’re not just paying for a luxury stateroom and a few of our amenities. All your meals (Glatt kosher buffet, here we come!) are included, and we also have an open bar with the finest quality kosher wines and spirits. The tours are part of what you paid for as well!

And yes, we have a synagogue aboard the riverboat.

So, are all your answers here “Yes”? Then you’ll definitely enjoy kosher riverboat cruises with Kosher River Cruise! With us, you get to experience the finest that Jewish cruises have to offer, unparalleled luxury, guest services, enlightening excursions, and more!