There are so many incredible Jewish people in this world, making a positive difference for everyone around them. It’d be nearly impossible to pinpoint just one or two individuals, because there are so many strong, inspirational and influential Jewish people out there doing good. That is why in this article, we will be tackling some of the most influential jews and their contributions to the world.

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Albert Einstein

albert-einsteinStarting off with the greatest physicist the world has ever seen, Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 to German Ashkenazi Jewish parents in Ulm, Germany. He lived a kosher life when he was a child but he eventually lost interest in observing the religion so he wasn’t able to have his own bar mitzvah. Albert Einstein was also introduced to well-known science books by a Jewish family friend who was studying medicine at that time.

Other than Einstein’s monumental discoveries and contributions to the field of science, he also had quite an impact on the Jewish community all over the world. During his time, he participated in raising money for the Hebrew University in Israel so that Jewish students can have quality education in a safe space where they are not discriminated against.


Sigmund Freud



Sigismund Schlomo Freud came from quite a large family with 7 younger siblings. He was born in the Czech Republic to Jewish parents on May 6, 1856. During the later years of his life, he also married Martha Bernays, a young Jewish woman. However, Freud wasn’t necessarily religious but he did recognize the impact of his Jewish heritage towards his beliefs and thinking.

Freud is known to be “The Father of Psychology” and has won a Nobel Prize due to his significant contributions in the field of Physics. He grew up to be a brilliant neurologist who became the founder of psychoanalysis, a theory that tackles the functions of the mind as well as a strategy for providing aid to individuals who are going through mental distress. Through this, he was able to transform society’s perspective on mental health conditions. He is also known for other theories, techniques, interpretations, and insights that have played a part in the overall betterment of research during his time.



Niels Henrik David Bohr


Bohr in 1922 | (c)

Another Nobel prize winner that was born into a Jewish family is Niels Bohr. He was given this prestigious award for his astounding work in the field of Physics. Bohr also played a primary role in the establishment of several scientific institutions not only in Denmark, but internationally as well. Bohr, along with other founding fathers initiated CERN, the European Center for Particle Physics. Since its creation, it has housed some of the most impressive discoveries in modern physics.

When the Nazis took over Denmark in the 1940s, Neils bohr had to escape to Sweden to avoid being arrested as he was still identified as a Jew in accordance with the Nuremberg Laws. In the process of his retreat, he has also successfully helped a large number of Jews escape and find refuge in Sweden. After Sweden, Bohr was then transferred to England where he would assist in making nuclear bombs for the UK and US. As soon as the war passed, Neils Bohr became and advocate against using weapons as dangerous as nuclear bombs for the rest of his days. It was his initiative that launched the International Atomic Energy Agency where the use of nuclear power would be closely monitored.