Many of us have spent hours over the years just sitting on our office desks and wondering when we can take on the world and have an adventure. It’s such an exciting idea—just you, (maybe somebody special), and everything you packed in your bag just heading off to the sunset. Planning the getaway is already exciting—setting an itinerary that would take you to each and every gem in the destination, packing your sunscreen, picking the right hat for the adventure, and checking prices on Kosher resorts.

All is well until you get to your destination. You end up realizing that your itinerary designed to take you to all the places is impossible to accomplish. You’ve taken the photos and got the souvenirs, but something’s missing. It seems as if you missed out on having a real adventure.

Yes, that’s what was missing. Going on an adventure is not about how many places you see, or how many photos you’ve taken while you’re out there. It’s all about having an adventure! But how do you make sure that you’re having a complete adventure? Here’s a checklist you can look through.

Experience Something New

You did not fly thousands of miles away from home to eat in the same fast-food restaurant, right? Do something new! Seek opportunities to try something you’ve never done, tasted, or experienced before. Not only is this a thrilling endeavor, but it also changes the chemistry of your brain. You get more creative, you’re more open for things you don’t know, and makes you a more awesome person in general.

Face Your Fear

Part of our natural tendency to close our minds on new experiences is because of fear. In the spirit of adding life to your years through complete adventures is to take away some of those fears you have. When the opportunity to do so presents itself, take the shot! Afraid to talk to strangers? Talk to locals in a foreign country. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn and who you’ll meet.

Make a New Friend

To add to the previous point, having an adventure doesn’t necessarily have to be a solo deal. If none of your friends want to tag along on the adventure, make more abroad. Make a habit out of creating new connections on new lands, and in time you will have a world full of friends. Who doesn’t want to live in a world like that?

Take the Lessons You Learned

Every adventure is a lesson. Take the best parts of it and bring it home with you. Was your experience in your kosher cruise something that struck the entirety of your existence? Write it down. Create a Journey Journal and take the lessons you’ve learned on your travels and turn into the ultimate adventurer.

Live a Life of Adventure

To have a complete adventure is to have the adventurer’s mindset. For a true adventurer, the journey doesn’t stop. Even when you head back home with the experiences and lessons you picked up along the way, live a life of adventure. See the world you live in with a new pair of eyes every time and watch out for new experiences.

Many of us spend hours daydreaming about the next adventure. When you turn your life into one big adventure, you don’t have to imagine the possibilities,. You just have to look for it every day at every turn in life.