The Midrash tells of the moment when God took Adam around the Garden of Eden. God emphasized how every creation was created for man. The text continues and emphasizes the responsibility of man to take care of these creations lest it gets destroyed.

Today, that responsibility is extended to the people of today. It is a duty every Jew should fulfill. But you don’t necessarily have to plant trees and pet every deer in the wilderness to do that. You can see the world and bring care and love to every creature in it while you’re on a kosher cruise.

Kosher cruises bring meaning to traveling. Every tour is never just a walk through Jewish histories all over the world, it is also a spiritual journey that enables each guest to know themselves as they know more about the world that was made for them. 

To See The Bigger Picture

Most of the world knows about the Midrash of the blind men and the elephant. How they perceived the elephant was all different, but none of them were wrong. In a way, this is what the lack of adventures do to the mind—it limits one’s point of view.

Traveling enables one to see the bigger picture, it gives one the freedom either to see the world with the same pair of eyes or to see the same land through a hundred different pairs of eyes, which is the definition of a true voyage according to the novelist Marcel Proust.

To Re-Learn The Value of Journeys

The moment the Israelites went out of Egypt, they went on a roller coaster-like adventure to Canaan. During that journey, they went through a lot of learning moments that everyone can still reflect on today.

The thirty-third book of Numbers recounts all of the checkpoints they made. The adventure was a testament to how God and the Israelites stayed faithful to each other despite the ups and downs.

One solid takeaway anyone could get from this passage is that the best journeys are the ones that teach us something. May your next cruise with us be full of learning, and new experiences.

As you see the world through its most majestic waterways, don’t forget to enjoy kosher riverboat cruises!