From being washed ashore on the Rhône and redefining Jewish trips forever, to establishing a self-governing community in Narbonne, the Jews in Southern France have truly gone a long way. Now we skip a few years forward to a period of vibrant intellectual activity in Provence.

In the fourth installment to Dr. Henry Abramson’s series on the Jews of the Rhône, he takes us back to the Middle Ages and tells us the story of the Sages of Provence.

This particular period in Provençal Jewish history saw a wave of intellectual and creative growth in Southern France, years before the Renaissance. Can we still see traces of this cultural advent today? Let’s find out as we watch the episode.


Knowing that something this historic took place in Provence makes the trip to the Rhône even more meaningful. Put that on top of your world-class accommodation and excellent Glatt kosher meals prepared by a master kosher chef, and you got yourself a signature Kosher River Cruises adventure.

Truly, Provence is filled with stories just waiting to be uncovered. And together, we will take a trip down memory lane in this historical place as we cruise through the Rhône river valley this November. Dr. Abramson will be there, too!

Arles, France | Photo Credit:

We will also be heading to Arles — the second home of the first Jewish community in France, and immerse ourselves in the captivating Carpentras. That’s not even half of the entire itinerary. We’ll rediscover the Jewish communities in the region and live in an all-inclusive luxury for a week as we cruise. Book your cabin now!