The term “terroir” may be used loosely these days, but that’s the beauty of language. It’s a live form of art that always finds a way to be relevant in the lives of people who use it. The term, of course, is used more regularly, and most fittingly, in the wine roads along the Rhône river valley where our next cruise will take place.

Rhone & Provence River Cruise

Before we use the term in its most appropriate definition, let’s borrow it for a few moments as we explore the terroir of a kosher cruise. There are a lot of cruises organized all over the world, all year round. With cruise trips taking a more niche-centered persuasion, it’s easier to choose which cruise is the best to go to despite the multiplication of options.

Some elements may be similar in all cruises. But we at Kosher River Cruises give it our twist as we continue to dedicate our days to providing the best kosher adventure experience for Jewish adventurers all over the world. Years of curating the best itineraries and improving the explorer’s experience can develop within one a unique brand of what makes every cruise the best our guests can ever go to.

Luxurious Welcome

Once you book your cabin on one of our cruises, you are automatically part of an exclusive global community of Jewish adventurers. Given the exclusivity of this arrangement, you are entitled to and should expect the best treatment from the moment you land on the airport to your disembarkation day.

Wander without worries as we explore the most picturesque waterways of the world. We have curated every excursion and every kosher tour to make sure no two trips are identical in the adventures you experience, as well as the takeaways to bring home.

Kosher Bonne Cuisine

Fine dining and kosher cuisine have never been this closely-knit to each other. As we explore the most breathtaking vistas and immerse into our Jewish heritage, we are served with the zenith of kosher dining prepared by a master chef.

As part of our dedication to bringing the best experiences to our guests, we’ve done the liberty of mixing both kosher bonne cuisine with your luxurious accommodation and incorporating it in your day-to-day as we cruise.

Immersive Adventures

What sets Kosher River Cruises apart from others is the way we take our guests on an immersive adventure through our Jewish culture and heritage. The Jewish representation in many countries established some of the most influential communities in the world. Wherever they are, they make a positive impact and grow where they are planted.

During our cruise, we will take you through a scenic, historic, and cultural tour — one you will cherish until the next cruise.

A luxurious welcome, the best of kosher fine dining, and an immersive adventure through Jewish heritage. All these basic elements together create the most unique journeys for Jewish adventurers. Our next cruise takes us to the enchanting Rhône where the first Jewish community in France thrived. We would be thrilled to have you there.

So, will we see you in Arles this November?