Jewish trips in Europe have become less challenging over the years, wouldn’t you agree? Many cities in the continent have Chabad houses that will happily accommodate travelers, and if the local Jewish community is large enough, they’ll have plenty of kosher restaurants and lodgings as well. You can even join up with a kosher group for a land tour or a cruise.

Speaking of which, have you ever thought about going on a kosher river cruise? Of course, traversing Europe by land is something that shouldn’t be missed by any globetrotter who wants to gain more experience. But there are several reasons why many Jewish travelers have fallen in love with river cruising. Here are a few of them.

You Only Have To Unpack Once

Don’t want the trouble of having to pack and unpack whenever heading to a new city or changing hotels? On a river cruise, the only time you have to unpack your bags is at the very start: when you’re finally aboard and in your cabin. You never have to repack until the journey is over.

All Inclusive Prices

People might think that going on a cruise is much more expensive than going to the “DIY” route. However, that’s not always the case! If you’re traveling on your own, you have to remember that not only do you have to pay for your lodgings, but your meals and transportation fare as well. Remember, a lot of places in Europe can get quite expensive! If you’re not careful with your expenses, you may end up going way over your travel budget.

But most river cruises (ours included) have all-inclusive rates, meaning the main features of the ship — from the cabin to the meals, alcohol, and guided tours — are all paid for, save for some other optional services.

Take That Stress Away

The best thing about opting for a river cruise in Europe is that it takes away the hassle of planning your itinerary and accommodations for you. It will make your vacation a much more stress-free affair.

So if all you want to do on enjoyable Jewish trips is to relax in luxury, enjoy the scenery, and learn a lot about Jewish history along the way, then look no further! We’ve got a variety of river tours waiting for you here with Kosher River Cruises!