Up for some river cruise trivia to read while you’re in transit? Entertain yourself with our compilation of fun facts about river cruises.

Here are 20 fun facts you should know about going on a river cruise:

Did you know that…
  1. It’s nearly impossible to suffer from motion sickness on river cruises because river currents aren’t nearly as strong as ocean currents
  2. On most cruises, the average age of cruise passengers is 50+, but Kosher touring service intends to change that with its all-inclusive philosophy.
  3. A riverboat can house anywhere between 60-240 people.
  4. The cruise industry is the fastest growing sector of the leisure travel market.
  5. The second most popular cruise destination in the world is the Mediterranean.
  6. Kosher River Cruise is the first all-inclusive, Jewish travel option in the world.
  7. Tour excursions are more fun when you go on a river cruise.
  8. You can dock at multiple cities in one day.
  9. Futuristic cruise ship amenities include robot bartenders and skydiving simulators.
  10. When you break down the price of a Kosher River Cruise tour package, you’ll realize it’s not nearly as expensive as you think it is.
  11. Most cruise kitchens are located below the surface of the water.
  12. All cruise ships have their own names .
  13. The average Kosher Riverboat Cruise trip is ten days.
  14. We are constantly expanding our variety of tour locations and adding locations to our tour packages
  15. All your meals on board are planned, created, and cooked by Celebrity Master Kosher Chef Malcolm Green.
  16. Guests are discouraged to shake hands with the captain. This is a precautionary measure to make sure he doesn’t get sick.
  17. You’re not allowed to bring your own alcohol to the cruise because we have a free-flowing array of drinks that are accessible at any time.
  18. On KRC, transit period is just as exciting as the tour excursion.
  19. There are plenty of onboard amenities to keep you entertained.
  20. Everything about your journey is customizable!

Interesting, isn’t it? Our Jewish tours are one of a kind, and these fun facts have barely scratched the surface.

For more information on tour dates and package pricing, feel free to leave us a message. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. See you on deck! All aboard!