On our kosher cruises, one lesson that we all learn is that travelers come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences. Some like to walk around famous old cities like Venice or Prague. Others want something more adventurous—like trekking the jungles of the Amazon.

Tourists also have differing tastes on how they go about doing all these. There are those who would rather travel on their own, but there are many who like to do it in large groups — maybe even on an organized tour.

If you’re someone who is used to exploring places on by themselves, you might be surprised at some of the perks that go on a group tour has:

You Can Learn More

Another added bonus of guided tours is that you’ll be led by someone who has a lot of knowledge about the place you’ll be headed to. And on many occasions, those bits of information they can’t be found in a book or an article on the Internet. Sometimes it’s something that only the locals know!

Your guide can even point you to places that other tourists normally wouldn’t know about if they don’t ask around.

Easier To Socialize

Tours bring strangers from different walks of life together. It’s an excellent way of meeting new people that you normally might have never thought about talking to in the first place. It’s actually easier to make a friend on a tour than to try and start a conversation with your neighbor at the cabin next to yours!

Who knows? By the end of your tour, you might find yourself with friends from all over the world.

Safety In Numbers

If you’re not quite confident about venturing into town on your own, then don’t worry—you can always go with the group for extra security. And on the off-chance that you and several others get separated from the main group, it will be much easier to find you—or for you to find your way back to the riverboat.

Are you a solo-type of traveler? Why not shake things up a bit and join a tour on your next time with us? Consider it something you can add to your list of travel experiences.

At KRC, one of the benefits of our river cruises is that you have the option of joining our kosher touring service as we visit the gems of Jewish history around the world. This is completely part of what you paid for — there are no hidden fees!

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