The last thing you want to happen in Paris is to be identified as a tourist, and for good reason. Prices are hiked up, you hear the locals giggle at your French accent, and the odds of running into a sham multiply by about a hundred.

Leave the locals saying Je ne se quoix about you being a visitor. Avoid these common mistakes that tourists make on their trips to the city of love.

Asking for ice in your drinks
Europeans can spot Americans from the other side of the restaurant. All they need to do is take a look at their water goblets and peek at whether there’s ice in their drinks or not.

Not knowing the difference between gassed and regular water
Most establishments serve gassed or sparkling water to their guests unless requested otherwise. If carbonated water isn’t exactly your favorite, you can ask for regular water to be served at your table instead.

Wearing a black trench coat
Travel blogs everywhere will suggest that you wear a black trench coat to look trendy in Paris — but the truth is that only the tourists think it looks fashionable. Parisian men and women are all about color and texture, don’t be afraid to play around with your layers. Kosher tours is a particularly fancy social event, so look your best.

Forgetting your umbrella
All Parisians know to carry an umbrella, or parasol as they call it, around with them at all times. Parisian weather is unpredictable and clear skies are sparse. So be prepared at any time of the day for a light rain shower or a torrential downpour.

Requesting for a table
Unlike American restaurants, you don’t need to request the waiter for a table when you come in; you can seat yourself. Just look for a table that looks open, and you’re free to go.

Ordering your coffee to go
Like most European countries, France has a strong coffee culture. In Paris, coffee is respected and not meant to be drunk all in one go. Take your time in the cafe and sip on either a latte or espresso to give you a little kick of energy to get you through your day.

Walking around in sneakers
Sadly, sneakers are looked down upon in Paris. Switch your kicks in for a pair of loafers instead. it’s a popular choice for both men and women alike as Paris sports an androgynous fashion sense.

Paris is a wonderful city for you to enjoy Kosher Riverboat Cruises, the place is iconic and almost dreamlike.

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