Have you been planning on joining KRC on one of our Jewish trips to rivers around the world? Then you should know first that river cruises are very different from their more popular brethren: the ocean cruises. Well yes, the boats are much smaller than seafaring ships, but there are other aspects that have made them very popular with a growing number of travelers from all walks of life.

Let’s take a look at two big ways that they contrast each other.

Days at Sea vs Land Excursions Everyday

On ocean cruises, there will be times when the only thing you’ll see outside is the open sea. It can take days before you see land again, and by then you might have tried out most of the features that the ship has. If your feet are itching to explore another town, then you’ll have to be a little more patient—it can take a while before the ship can properly dock at the port.

On riverboats, there’s always an activity on land that you can do, whether it’s a guided tour, food and wine tasting, or just going off on your own around town. This is because you’ll be headed to a new town each day. Another bonus is that the boats don’t take much time to dock, which means you don’t have to waste time waiting. For those who don’t want a dull moment in their vacation, then rivers are a good fit for you.

Keeping to Yourself vs Making New Friends

Because ocean cruise ships are much larger and hold more passengers, it can take a long while before you can see another familiar face. You can have plenty of privacy on a cruise ship if you wished, but it can get lonely very quickly if you’re not used to being on your own.

But if you’re one for meeting new people, river cruises offer a more intimate setting. The smaller passenger population means that at some point, you’ll get to know many of the people on the ship. You’ll be sharing most meals and go on land activities together, which makes for a great opportunity to socialize.

A New Experience

If you’re a bit tired of going on Jewish ocean cruises, it might be the time for you to try out something new, like kosher riverboat cruises. They can offer you something different that you’ve never had at sea before while still being as luxurious as ever.

Check out our site for the rest of our kosher cruises that you might want to be a part of!

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