Embark on Kosher River Cruise’s Jewish history tours for a meaningful and fulfilling yet exciting family vacation. There are so many tour packages to choose from that will peak your and your children’s’ interest.

Here are our top KRC picks for family destinations:

Amazon River Tour

Is your family the adventurous type? Does the idea of trekking through the jungle or going on a safari excite you? Are you nature lovers? Then choose our Amazon River Cruise package.

KRC offers our guests an exotic tour expedition on the Río Negro and the Solimões Rivers as we explore the natural wonders of the remote Amazonas Brazilian rainforest. We’ve developed itineraries for every activity level and offer daily choices of adventure from leisurely rainforest boat tours to jungle trekking. On this cruise, there is something for everyone!

European Tour

Perhaps you’d prefer something a little more educational? If your kids are big on history, then select one of our European tour packages. It’s not as physically active as our Amazon River Cruise, but it’s more educational, especially when it comes to the Jewish heritage tours.

Choose between our Douro or Rhone river cruises. Perusing through Europe is the experience of a life time; it’s a cultural and gastronomic experience. The views will not disappoint. There’s also wine for the adults and all the cheese your kids could ever eat and more.

Mississippi River Tour

Maybe you’d want to experience America’s Southern Charm first hand? The Mississippi River Cruise is by far KRC’s most family-friendly package. Here, you can enjoy exclusive access to its vibrant music scene and the best in kosher Cajun and Creole cuisine.

On our curated tours of area plantations such as the Oak Alley, Frogmore, and Rosedown, you will hear stories about southern life from a team of passionate experts who we have assembled to show you each place in detail.

Explore historic towns and beautiful gardens along the way and be treated to an exclusive classical piano concert at the famous J.N. Stone House. In Vicksburg, our expert guides show you the battlefields, the USS Cairo, and the most significant historic sites throughout the city.

Come with us on our Jewish tours for your next family vacation! There’s something for everyone!