Many people who want to travel while keeping things kosher tend to have a hard time planning their itineraries. In most instances, you have to take into consideration whether or not those places have Jewish communities, Chabad houses, kosher restaurants, or at least a supermarket that sells kosher products.

It can be quite the headache to take care of and often adds unnecessary problems when you’re already out traveling. What if, for example, the Chabad house doesn’t have any more accommodations, or if the restaurant isn’t actually kosher at all?

Fortunately, you can always take a hassle-free choice that will let you broaden your travel options: a kosher cruise.

Head to Places That You’d Normally Never Go To

Heading to Southeast Asia or South America isn’t exactly the first thing that comes when you’re thinking about Jewish travel ideas. You might be limiting yourself to Europe, Israel, or some parts in North Africa. But with Kosher River Cruises, you can go out and explore the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or fish for piranhas in the rainforests of the Amazon River.

You can finally have the opportunity to be immersed in places that you usually wouldn’t think of going to because of a lack of kosher establishments. And the best part of all this is that you won’t have to worry about where the nearest synagogue is or where to buy kosher food. The riverboat has all that you’ll need aboard it.

Living Up To The Kosher Name

Kosher River Cruises isn’t kosher in name only — we make it a point to exceed to your expectations. The cruise ships all have their own onboard synagogues with daily worship services and special Shabbat programs. The chef’s team is trained and strictly supervised to serve you with delicious local-inspired dishes that have been given a Glatt Kosher twist.

Amenities To Make Your Stay Extra Comfortable

But that’s not all there is to it. Aside from the riverboats’ special features for our religious needs, we also have various amenities that will make your trip with us the most luxurious one you’ll ever have.

Take our Amazon ship for instance. It boasts a convenience store, spas, a gym, swimming pools, and even wheelchair-friendly cabins and elevators. Disabilities shouldn’t stop one from having the travel experience of a lifetime, wouldn’t you agree?

Let KRC widen your Jewish travel ideas today with all our exciting cruises to the greatest rivers around the world! Check out the rest of our trips for this year and the next here at our website.