To this day, maintaining our kosher diet while traveling can still be a difficult task—even more so if you are headed to places that do not have Chabad houses. Fortunately, joining an organized kosher tour is a viable (and often a safer) option.

For the Jewish traveler who is in the mood for a relaxing adventure filled with leisure and cultural lessons, they might want to go on a kosher cruise — much like what we have here at Kosher River Cruises.

What can one can expect on a kosher ship?

On-board Religious Services

First things first: what kind of Jewish cruise does not provide its guests with a proper place of worship? An on-board synagogue is always a must have, and we at KRC always have them on all our riverboats.
Aside from that, worship services are held regularly for guests who wish to join. We have our own rabbi, Rabbi Weiss, who leads the daily minyanim as well as our Shabbat programs and shiurim.

A Better Understanding of Our Jewish History

Many of us know that the Jewish people have made a mark on many places around the world, but not many know just how much they have influenced in the past. On our kosher tours, we make it a point to visit the many towns and cities that have or had Jewish communities. Guests will have the opportunity to tour heritage sites that hold significance to the past and present local Jews. We also invite special guest speakers to provide you with more insight into the rich Jewish heritage of the region.

But joining heritage tours and lectures aren’t the only things you can do with us! On our Amazon River cruises for instance, you can grab the chance to trek rainforests, swim with pink dolphins, go fishing for piranhas, and more. In Cambodia, you can visit the Angkor Wat along with other historical locations as well as mingle with the locals in the villages you’ll enter.

And Of Course, Delicious Kosher Food

We aren’t called kosher cruises for nothing! Our amazing kitchen team is always hard at work so that you are able to enjoy the best of Glatt Kosher cuisine during our entire trip. All our meals are prepared under strict supervision by our Rav Hamachshir to ensure that the highest standards of kashrut are met, from the ingredients down to the utensils.

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re looking for a Jewish vacation wherein you don’t have to worry about where to eat and where to go, why not join us on our kosher cruise? With us, you’ll get to enjoy mouthwatering kosher meals while exploring the many wonders that the world has in store for us all.