Jewish tradition

Jewish history is not just long; it’s awesomely long. The story of the Jewish people spans thousands of years, making it one of the oldest and most enduring civilizations in the world. In this blog, we’ll explore the remarkable longevity of Jewish history and discuss a new YouTube series by Henry Abramson that delves into this captivating narrative.

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The Ancient Origins of Jewish History

To understand the vastness of Jewish history, we must start at the beginning. According to tradition, Jewish history dates back to around 1750 BCE, with the journey of Abraham and Sarah, within the Sumerian Empire. This early period, however, remains shrouded in mystery, primarily relying on the accounts within the Bible. Josephus, the great Jewish historian, emphasized the antiquity of Jewish culture in his work “Jewish Antiquities,” even in ancient times. This underscores the perception that Judaism was an ancient and enduring civilization.


Henry Abramson’s New Series

Henry Abramson’s new YouTube series takes this captivating history and packages it in a way that is accessible to all. His motivation for creating this series stems from his own experiences in a young community where he finds himself on the elder end of the spectrum. He sees himself as the storyteller by the campfire, passing down the tales of the elders to the younger generation. Abramson also highlights the critical role of understanding Jewish history in preserving the Jewish people. Just as in-flight safety instructions advise adults to secure their oxygen masks before helping their children, it’s essential for adults to learn about their heritage before passing it on to the next generation.


A Lesson from Maimonides

Maimonides’ wisdom further reinforces this concept. In his “Mishneh Torah,” he emphasizes the importance of adults learning before teaching children. Knowledge is a torch that must be lit within ourselves before we can share its light with the next generation.


The Vastness of Jewish History

Jewish history, as we know it, can be traced back approximately 3,750 years. Even if we begin with the earliest extra-biblical evidence, such as the Merneptah Stele (around 3,250 years ago), it’s still a staggering timeline. When comparing Jewish history to other ancient civilizations, it becomes evident that Judaism is one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world. Only Chinese civilization predates it.

This long-lasting legacy is even more astonishing considering the relatively small population of Jewish people. While Chinese civilization has billions of adherents, the Jewish population is a mere fraction. Jews have preserved their culture through countless challenges, from exile to persecution, and have managed to pass it down through generations.


Endurance Through the Rise and Fall of Empires

Jewish history is also intertwined with the rise and fall of empires. The Jewish people have witnessed the ascent and decline of numerous empires, including the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, to name a few. Moreover, Jewish history extends beyond geographical boundaries, as seen when comparing the size of Israel to the vastness of China.


A Graphic Representation of Jewish History

A visual representation of Jewish history against the backdrop of other major faiths and historical events underscores its remarkable duration. The green bar representing Jewish history spans a significant portion of time, outlasting empires and even major world events like the founding of the United States.

The awesomely long history of the Jewish people is a testament to their resilience, cultural richness, and enduring legacy. Henry Abramson’s new YouTube series provides an opportunity to explore this remarkable journey, from the days of Abraham to the present. Understanding this history is not just a task for parents and teachers but a shared narrative that continues to shape the identity and cultural heritage of Jewish communities around the world.


Jewish traditions

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