Many experienced travelers eschew the thought of going on a tour. To them, the best way to explore the world is through carving their own path and doing things on their own timetable. But for a lot of Jews, joining Jewish tours is often the best (and sometimes only) way to visit other countries and remain comfortable.

There are a few questions they can ask themselves to help them decide whether or not traveling with a tour company is the ideal choice for their next vacation.

Vacationing With a Big Group?

One of the most common problems people face when traveling in unorganized groups is finding lodgings for all of you. Another is making transportation arrangements. The chances of you getting ripped off by local drivers are high if you don’t know how to haggle.

Organized tours will definitely lessen the trouble that comes with traveling with a large number of relatives or friends. The transportation and accommodations will be taken care of for all of you. Now all that needs to be done is enjoy the rest of the trip.

Another added bonus is that you will be able to avail group discounts, allowing you to save more money than you originally anticipated.

Going To Places Where Going Alone Is Not An Option?

There are some locations where traveling by yourself can be troublesome if not downright dangerous. For example, tourists in Israel who want to visit Bethlehem in the West Bank are usually discouraged from heading there on their own. Instead, they are advised to join up with a tour group and journey there via bus for added security.

Tours can also provide you with better dining options especially when traveling to countries that don’t have sizeable Jewish communities, much less a Chabad House. You will get to enjoy kosher meals that you normally would not be able to if you went around on your own.

And while some will say that getting lost in unfamiliar places is part of the excitement, others may not agree with that sentiment. It can lead to bigger travel expenses than you planned for, and bring you unnecessary stress as well.

Looking For Something Hassle-free?

For the tired Jew who just wants to get away from their daily lives for a while and not go through the headache of planning itineraries, their best bet is to go with a company that offers Jewish tours. They have many options for you to choose from, be it kosher cruises in European rivers or custom land tours in Africa and Asia.

Another plus of traveling with them is that they can better cater to your religious needs. On kosher riverboats, for instance, there are onboard synagogues that have daily minyanim and special Shabbat programs. You can also be certain that the food is kosher, as they have their own rav hamachshir to supervise the food preparations.

So if you think you are running out of ideas and options on where and how you will take your next Jewish vacation, then you better think again.