Traveling the world is easier nowadays. You can do almost all your preparations online—from finding accommodations to booking flights. But even then, it can still be quite troublesome. Sometimes, all the lodgings are fully booked, or your flights have all been delayed. Inconveniences like that can ruin the fun out of your trip.

Instead of doing all your travels the regular way, why not try doing something different for a change? Like, say, a river cruise? It might be a nice change of pace from your usual travel routine.

But first, let’s take a look if it’s the best Jewish travel option for you!
Why not ask yourself a few questions first? Actually, there’s only a couple you need to answer:

Do You Value Convenience?

If you do, then climb aboard our riverboats. KRC riverboats are basically floating luxury hotels. There’s no need for you to keep packing and unpacking your luggage. We rid you of the constant hunt for good kosher restaurants as well. The boats provide all that and more—from delicious Glatt kosher cuisine to daily synagogue services and special Shabbat programs.

But it’s not just about the Jewish services that we have. With our cruise ships, you can always be confident that, at the end of the day, you’ll always have a place to stay in after an exhilarating trip in town.

Do I Want An All-Inclusive Trip?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t have hidden expenses, add-on costs, or any other inconvenient and unwanted expenses. Our packages already include complete access to features such as:

Specially curated land excursions,

Full-service open bars and lounge,

Fitness Gym, Spa, and Swimming Pool
For those who intend to be productive while they’re on vacation, the ship also has an internet connection! You can either work in the morning before you disembark for an excursion. You can also share your latest adventure on social media once you’re back relaxing on the riverboat.

So, are our luxury Jewish cruises the right fit for your vacation style? Then come along with KRC as we take you to the waterways of the world in style — all while keeping you kosher!